VIDEO | iWatch: MAG Beta (Online Play)

Here is the second (and last) video recorded from the ongoing MAG public beta by iWaggle3D. This time, demonstration takes place in an actual online battlefield.

Again, please remember this is work in progress stuff! ;)


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Electronicpart3016d ago

I hope tame MAG take good look at this video

ChozenWoan3016d ago

I'd like to see a followup after some more play time to see if tweaking the settings will help any.

Iron sights issue should still be on the top of Zippers list of must fixes.

1233603016d ago

i want to see it working with a guy with a fully stabilize gun,level 60 with his gun set up,any one knows any think about mag that iron sight gun users are low level players as a rule with insane kick built into them.when you change factions from level 60 to level 1 its night and day the learning curb is huge in this game but well worth it when you get 1 decent weapon