RoboAwesome's Five Things We Want from Halo: Reach

Fans have been tripping over one another to ask questions about the upcoming game Halo: Reach. Bungie have revealed many things about the new title, but at E3 2010 Joe Tung, Executive Producer at Bungie, stated that “[...] there are quite a few more surprises.” This makes the gaming community wonder: what more will they give us? Here’s a short list of what we are hoping for.

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Wizziokid3017d ago

1) Bigger Battles - Not needed at all, just because more players are present doesn't mean a better multiplayer.

2) Space Battles - This would have been a great addition, a stand-alone game mode where you could have a space battle.

3) Charging Stations - Not needed, people would just camp

4) Let Me Hump - point? t-bagging is all we need ;)

5) More Gameplay - longer campaigns are always good.

Independent_Charles3017d ago

1) i agree. i mean my best times in halo 3 was team double with my mate. we played that day in and day out. they were more intence than big team battle imo.

2) i agree space battles would be wicked. dlc perhaps? best get a topic started on bungie forums.

3) i want to play halo not camping cod so yeah i agree

4) whats wrong with PG tips lol?

5) obviously more is better but lets be realistic here. 4 player co-op, forge and infinate amount of maps. cheers bungie. :)

RoboSpiff3017d ago

how about they tell us WTF happened to Master Chief.

AronDeppert3014d ago

FPS games literally make me nauseous, but this looks cool.