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Wizziokid3017d ago

common we all know that in a year or two MS will decided to bring out a remote like the Wii-mote or Move to work with the device just like Sony did with the PS-eye.

Omega43017d ago

I doubt that, it would make their tagline of "controller free gaming" pointless. That would only happen if Kinect bombed epically.

Besides if they ever need a controller for games they would just use the current 360 one.

Bobbykotickrulesz3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Controller free gaming is already pointless.

Argument invalid.
Where's that watermelon pushing cat when you need him?

kingdavid3017d ago

What a horrible waste of Rare's talents.

ico923017d ago

its a shame, one of the greatest dev's in gaming history , has been relegated to casual garbage on a peripheral

nix3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

i think saying "Kinect will fail" would be wrong. it will sale. a lot. there are lot of people who wants to buy it... thanks to the early vids of Milo.

EDIT: [email protected] guys i may only own PS3 and am a fan of it... but i'm not that blind.

Doc Sony3017d ago

You doubt that something MS claimed in the past turns out to untrue ?

You're funny.

dredgewalker3017d ago

Ever imagine using Kinect on Halo? Imagine how much fast fingers need to react in order to run, shoot, turn, strafe and imagine your body trying to accomplish all that. I guarantee you that you will not last more than 30 minutes playing Halo with Kinect if it ever does support it, and with such precision and speed needed in fps games I doubt that there will ever be an fps for Kinect. Rare is truly wasted on such a thing and I hope MS realizes this and put them back to doing real games for its core gamers.

sikbeta3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Well, Rare man is freaking wrong, hand-free gaming can't be more limited, the gestures....ah, will be completely annoying, more characters movements, more gestures, more lag, more glitches, less processing power for the console and so on, that's why we'll not see a "core" kinect game 18 months after release, if ever.... and heck, I want to see what will be the definition of a "core" game for kinect...

btk3016d ago

Well you don't say. Omega4 actually making a comment that I can agree with.

@Wizziokid -
No - it will be too late. To add a Move / Wiimote they will have to develop the tech, get the API's in place, get dev support, etc etc. It will take at least a year before it will be ready - most likely two years before it will be going to market. By then it will be too late for the XB360. And the PR disaster will be most probably be something that they will not want to face. Just look at the BR / HD-DVD disaster. The religion is that they will not accept the heresy called BR - and will maintain that the defunct HD-DVD is a "better value proposition". But turn and accept the truth? Never!

The same with motion controls. They decided Kinect is the way to go. And they will be as stubborn about it as they were with HD-DVD.

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Chaostar3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

We don't know that, it's just speculation. There's a high probability but theres also the probability that Kinect will fail altogther and be completely dropped by MS, not fact but it's possible.

Either way you look at it if MS desides to bring out a 'wand' it will be metaphorical egg on their face.

Chaostar3017d ago

Sorry I just have to facepalm myself for the spelling errors there ^^^^

"deside" lol

"altogther" wtf?


*note to self* take your time next time.

lzim3017d ago

just remember that even if it "fails" meaning for games people find it pointless and will die with their controllers versus spending $150 for laggy, unsupported by AAA game me-too'ing of the competition for no other reason than to boost the sales of their not next generation clone of the current console which should have been Xbox 3.... breath... there's always the windows aftermarket. And it is MUCH bigger. The point would be debug the device on Xbox, get some into peoples homes so it gets some mindshare and then windows games will see support for it. (not that there aren't knockoffs of Kinect shipping already.)

Stealth20k3017d ago

Rare hasnt been great in over 10 years.......they arent one of the best developers they arent even on the list

lzim3017d ago

Which is a shame, as mentioned, only because they have at least 5 big IP that would easily leverage Kinect in Kameo, Banjo, Viva Pinata, Perfect Dark and Killer Instinct. I'd pass on them all (depending on how polished PD would be), if Lionhead shot Milo in the face and dumped Albion and returned to Black and White.

EvilBlackCat3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

"in a year or two MS will decided to bring out a remote like the Wii-mote or Move"

mmm nah wait 5-6 months for that

best way form them to get some cash is

that the launch kinect then wait for summer and launch optional controllers that way kinect look less expensive and like i said OPTIONAL

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3017d ago
Acquiescence3017d ago

when you can make crazy shapes with your hands like you're at a downtown rave party.

ChronoJoe3017d ago

Sounds like Factor 5 all over again.

They spent ages arguing, that SixAxis didn't fit in there game, it didn't work. Then eventually they grew to like it, and thought it was a better way to play. Considering how badly that turned out... I wonder what put them under that impression...

kasasensei3017d ago

"Rare, Molyneux wanted Kinect handheld controller"
Embarrassing. From prestigious First Party Studios...

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