Call of Duty Black Ops: Will you buy it without Zombie Mode?

Product-Reviews writes: It seems that Treyarch has everyone where they want at the moment for a number of reasons. The company has just finished unveiling a brilliant multiplayer mode – knowing too well that everyone is still waiting on zombie mode. If they choose not to release zombies with the game and announce that it is coming afterwards, they know that everyone will still buy it, since the multiplayer and single player campaigns will still offer enough content for your hard-earned cash.

Are you willing to buy the game if zombies are not included, or are you staying firm on your decision of ‘no zombies, no buy’?

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ZombieAutopsy2963d ago

Well if you would of asked me a year ago I would of said "No zombies, No sale", but now after seeing some of the multiplayer game modes I believe I will be purchasing this game but maybe not at launch.

Bobbykotickrulesz2963d ago

I'm not buying it regardless lol.

JsonHenry2963d ago

For me, no. The Zombie mode is the only thing I like about the CoD series any more.

otherZinc2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

This is why I get mad at journalists, they get pissed for whatever reason with Halo. On the other hand, Halo has released each iteration stepping its game way up in the features department for massive replay value.

COD has been getting away with murder, where is:
Campaign co-op?
Why is it so scripted?
Why do the have respawning enemies with each game?
Why don't they have massive open areas like Halo?
I can go on & on but I dont have time.
Killozone 2 & soon 3 is a major offender of ZERO features & no one calls them out. GG & SONY will say our "STORY" focus is to great for "campaign" co-op?! How is that when the story in Killzone SUCKS?
Journalists need to call these devs out on some of this BS!

With that being said, COD games are some of the best out there, I've beaten all of them & will beat this one.

However, if there's no Zombie Mode at launch, COD:BLK OPS will be a rental!

The_Claw2962d ago

god zinc, are you going to be flooding n4g now that louie @TGA called you out? you got the same tired argument for every game. "this game sucks because its not halo, the greatest game ever made!" i love how you always throw kz2 under the bus in every argument you make. OH, BTW, treyarch's last cod, waw, DID have campaign co-op, moron.

Nuclearwinter2962d ago

And if you get it on the PC, some modder will probably just make a zombie mode.

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Wizziokid2963d ago

If it doesn't have zombies I won't buy it straight away, personally the competitive multiplayer in COD games doesn't last very long as it's always broken and gets very annoying with noob-tubers, glitches, hackers etc.

So i would be waiting until it drops in price then I might pick it up, unless Reach really takes all my attention until KZ3 is released.

T9X692963d ago

Hopefully Treyarch's new "grief" system will help with glitchers and cheaters, as well as them being able to watch every game you play through theater mode. As far as the noob tubers, there is playlist that don't include them now, or they are random. After seeing the full mutliplayer reveal I have faith and Treyarch and going to pick this up. I just hope I don't regret it.

Fishy Fingers2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Of course, Zombies were one of my favourite parts of World at War but thats putrely due to it's historic nature, which I'm not keen on. Still I wouldnt be surprised if it came as DLC at some point.

With MP I'm likely to put more time into than any other game this year, 4 player co-op missions and whats probably going to be a (short but) hugely enjopyable single player, it more than justifies my purchase without zombies.

TROLL EATER2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

got everything i need in halo reach for next 5 years

Hellsvacancy2963d ago

Same as 4 me with Killzone 3 and Crysis 2, Zombie mode was the only mode worth playin in WAW

I shall rent Black Ops just like i did with WAW and MW2

Greek992962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Thats good news. Hopefully we dont hear from you for five years. I dont like playing with people like you anyways. You wont be missed. When Halo Reach drops...GTFO.

PS. Good luck eating yourself. =]

belal2963d ago

even if it's without, but i will not buy this game if cheaters and nuub tubes and those perks are still there. ( i can live with greneade launchers, but not those boost cheaters)

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