PSJailbreak allows PS2 Games on PS3

This message could probably sweep someone off his feet: The PSJailbreak-Crew will bring in the next few days an update, which allows PS2 games on every PS3. The Backup Manager v1.1 will make this possible - more through the link.

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germandude3831d ago

and sony cant do this all this years..poor! or they just dont want to do it!

Omega43831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Sony choose not to do it so they could make money off remaking PS2 games in HD.

"Supports any firmware"
"Lets Play online without risk of excommunication."

Those two seem a lot bigger than the PS2 support.

Well at least you agree with my comment.

Chris3993831d ago

But somehow, I suspect that you aren't. And yes, Sony is a business. The idea that as a multi-billion dollar company that they couldn't concoct a software PS2 emulator, when there's one of variable functionality available on the net, is a bit absurd.

Their decision however, to profit from legacy PS2 titles, is no more (and arguably a bit "less") inane than upping the cost of Live by $10 SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU CAN.

All companies are after our money. It's a shame that you only see one side of the argument.

Chris3993831d ago

I agree with part of what you said, though nothing in the context (frothing, barking mad 360 RULEZ!!!) context that you said it.

Even the most violent schizophrenics blurt out something of sense, now and again. One 1/2 sensible comment with a history like yours doesn't mean much.

brazilianbumpincher3831d ago

omega lets not talk about companies fleecing its consumers as you will end up with egg on your face,all companies like to make a profit

meetajhu3831d ago

finally for the first time you have said something right

cayal3831d ago

All Sony have to put is patch games that check if you are connected to PSN and poof, issue resolved.

3831d ago
Xelai3831d ago

I all against piracy, I do not want pirates flooding PSN as they do Xbox Live, but for the record, Sony has to get its act together.

For the moment no bans at all on PSN, Microsoft is light years ahead in that area.

Secondly, dumbing down the PS3 and removing functionality is plain ugly, if the PS3 is backwards compatible it is quite nasty from Sony to remove it arbitrarily.

For the moment pirates are winning the match.

kevnb3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

it wont work that way, once the hackers are in, they cant be stopped. Bans from psn is the best they can do.

commodore643831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

@ Omega

"Sony choose not to do it so they could make money off remaking PS2 games in HD."

Hmmm... there is more to it than that.
Sony needed to ditch ps3 emulation on the ps3 so that they could continue to sell profitable ps2s and profitable ps2 games.

Had Sony kept ps2 emulation on the ps3, then ps2 sales would have dwindled to nothing. It was a business decision. Sony needed the ps2 profits to prop up the ps3 losses.

I am kind of disgusted at Sony.
They ditched ps2 b/c simply to squeeze more dollars out of the old tech.
That was profiteering, plain and simple.
The worst part is, many ps3 fanboys will thank Sony for bending them over barrel like this, while simultaneously complaining about xbl fees.

If the JB really does restore ps2 b/c on my ps3, then I will be looking to get one asap, just for this feature alone.

RedSky3831d ago


AllroundGamer3831d ago

first time i agree with your comment :D and btw. i finished Halo Reach last week, yeah i'm banned from XBL, but who gives a sht :p

Rush3831d ago

Well it's confirmed then, Sony either add the ability for me to play PS2 games or am Jailbreaking my console.

Am not like the rest of the moomin here that believe Sony can do no wrong, there simply trying to cash in on giving me a lesser feature rich experience.

AliTheBrit193831d ago

Well now I'm in favour of the Jailbreak

Because Sony removing the feature is disgusting.

rockleex3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

The only way for them to do it is if they know how to program for the Cell and RSX.

Even huge developers have problems coding for the Cell. Most of them don't even know how to shift some workload off the RSX onto the Cell to save time.

You think some hackers/crackers can program an efficient PS2 emulator for the PS3?

Remember, emulators take 4 to 8 times the amount of power the original console needed to run efficiently. That's if you code properly to begin with.

The original PS3's were able to run PS2 games because they actually had PS2 hardware in it. These newer PS3 models MUST emulate everything in software... on the Cell and RSX.

Think about it.

I give them 3-4 years before they can code a decent PS2 emulator for the PS3.

dabri53831d ago

They don't need to code an emulator. Sony already has that emulator in your ps3. How do you think you can download the ps2 games off psn and play them? Sony simply dissabled the console from playing them from the disk drive. The jailbreak people are simply using an exploit to unlock and use an already existing feature built into your ps3. Same as the developer tools that are unlocked for back up purposes. Sonys options are limited with these exploits as far as blocking them. I hope they do think of something cause pirating isn't cool.

nunley333831d ago

buying the jailbreak for the PS2 bc doesn't make good sense unless your really wanting to play the pirated games because of the reported $150 price, you could buy one a new ps2 for that and a game too. jailbreak clone will be cheaper but you'll have to wait and see how this jailbreak situation shakes out.

DaTruth3831d ago

If this is true... Fck Sony!!! If they could have BC all this time and are blocking it.

This is some bottom of the barrel sh!t. That company will be seriously hurt by this. Sony deserves to get pirated!

gamingdroid3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Here is the picture

- Original Xbox more powerful than PS2
- Xbox 360 supposedly less powerful than PS3

Yet, somehow the Xbox 360 can emulate original Xbox games, but the PS2 can't?

Explain that and I might believe that it can't be done! I encourage those that stealth disagree to give me a good reason.

n4gno3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

"Had Sony kept ps2 emulation on the ps3, then ps2 sales would have dwindled to nothing. It was a business decision. Sony needed the ps2 profits to prop up the ps3 losses.
I am kind of disgusted at Sony. "

Lol at trollsheep being raped all the time by microsoft, defending all the time microsoft, disgusted by the company who give us best hardware, best games, free online...but not emulators...dumb xtrolls.

by the way, your first sentence is really stupid too (ps2 hardware sold is nothing when you compare it to bluray, games, or even psn download) and nobody wants to play ps2 game with a ps3 now, to many great ps3 games (really cheap after a few months), only desperated trolls without games are simulating interest for ps2 games and emulators (even if they don't work), they are probably trying to forget ultimate fails like 10$ more for online, kinect's joke, and not so much exclusives since 2 years.

Dee_913830d ago

did you know that gran turismo 4 supports 1080p hd ?

CimmerianDrake3830d ago

Ummm, no it doesn't.

The PS3 has a PS1 emulator on it, and you can DL PS1 games from PSN, not PS2. Not since the 80GB SKU was released with software emulation (which was eventually scrapped in newer models) has the PS3 been able to play PS2 games that weren't HD remakes made by Sony. That is, unless you have an original 60GB Fully featured PS3 Phat... like me. :D

OT: It won't work. If you seen the PS2 emulators out for the PC, they have barely any functionality as it is, and that's for the PC. You think hackers (who haven't hacked anything on the PS3 with this jailbreak, they merely stole tech that makes use of an exploit) are going to have any better luck with the infinitely more complicated Cell and RSX combo? Doubtful.

dabri53830d ago

"As you may know, certain PS3's had either a PS2-compatible chip (US and Japan) or emulation software (Europe) that allowed them to play PS2 games."

In Europe, Sony chose to remove the PS2 chips from the system to cut costs and go with software emulation for its original PS3 releases. Later models of the system had this feature removed even though the chips were never present.

Again, the emulator that SONY made is already present on your system. Just locked out. Our PS3s can so things we don't even have access to.

rockleex3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

The 80GB models that are able to play PS2 games still had the super fast PS2 ram in them.

The newer 80GB models and every PS3 thereafter have absolutely no PS2 hardware within them.

Sony did not remove PS2 BC with an update. Any PS2 BC compatible PS3 are still able to play PS2 games to this day. Simply because they still have PS2 hardware in them.

Please do a little more research.

The 360 can only emulate certain games that Microsoft have specifically coded for. There's no Xbox emulator for the 360, otherwise you'd be able to play 99% of the Xbox games on your 360.

Even then, its easier to emulate the Xbox on the 360 because both are basically PCs to begin with. While PS2 and PS3 has their own unique hardware and architecture.

dabri53829d ago

Another article stating that the European PS3 model used software emulation to play PS2 games. I have done my research. I never said that Sony removed the feature from existing models, just that new models had the feature locked out as this is much easier than releasing different firmware updates for different model PS3s.

So far, I have shown two different sources showing my point. A PS2 emulator already exists on the PS3 created by Sony. You have shown nothing to prove your point. I ask you to do your research and site your sources.

Really, I think this matter will be laid to rest once the Jailbreak community gets the new update and is able to test the BC. I assume, just like the details of using debug mode came out, the method of unlocking BC will show as well.

The 360 uses software emulation as well. Games that weren't supported needed patches created for them, so they could work correctly with the emulator. This is the same case as the PS2 emulator on the PS3 (that was released on European PS3s).

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Perkel3831d ago

actually i eat my shoe if they will menage to play ps2 games.


Console itself ISN'T cracked, it's debug mode that allow it to happen. So Sony will patch it up and there you have it no jailbreak anymore.

PS2 Emulator is a big deal and to big to program it by some 3rd party wannabe crackers.

Just look at PS2 emulator for PC , many tried but almost every game work like shit even on strong modern PC.

New ps3 models don't have any PS2 chip , no graphic no processor so if someone will try to do it hard way (software) it will be road to hell for him.


All new games comes with new software, so you can't play games after last jailbreak.. New version of firmware change SDK and add things so even if you cut from new game firmware scan game itself won't run.


Sony probably now are changing service method of repairing things so they will cut off debug mode in next firmware.

And that will be end of usb jailbreak method. Debug is in every ps3 for to help service partners.

kevnb3831d ago

then they will just downgrade the firmware, or they will find the new debug menu.

MisterAV3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

maybe they add support for linux and then add the pcsx2 emulator...
or sony has already completed the ps2 emu and putted in the firmware awaiting the right time for ps2 games in the store. But I doubt it...

However I completely agree with you apart 3rd point because service mode as pandora for psp is above the firmware. They can only change the motherboard. Maybe the bios...

Chinkyinc183831d ago

Thanks for dropping some. When I first read this I started laughing at people being happy with this. I have the second model fat ps3 (Last one with b/c) where they left the graphic chip but took out the emotion engine processor and replace it with emulation. Even with the graphic chip intact games still don't play as smooth, so I laugh at you who think COMPLETE emulation will work fine. Taking out the b/c saved you cheap bastard $100 when the slim came out WHICH you could have use to buy a NEW PS2 SLIM. Was I the only one who didn't sell my PS2 when I got my PS3???

Perkel3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

@ kevnb

it's not just new firmware, in new firmware you can get more of ps3 by developer. If developer use more ram because new firmware introduced some cuts to it then new game won't work or it will work like shit even if you manage to run from old FW.

Try to buy old fat ps3 with old firmware and try to play for eg GTA4. Firt thing it will show will be firmware upgrade if you instal it then it will play if not there will be no nico flying from empire state building ;)

Also copy disc to harddrive is not gained by jailbreak. IT is standard in debug mode.

Also jailbreak isn't even a hack it's exploit like Resistance 1 one where you could play coppied disc...

There were some videos on youtube before jailbreak where people by doing things with buttons on ps3 they menaaged to get to debug mode.

Also this jailbreak probably can be run from any pendrive.

And i you think about it it would be even easier to patch it up because you can change or just check how exploit work. Block that autostart exploit and that's it.

In two weeks maybe even earlier we will get new firmare.

Real Crack for ps3 console is still nowhere near. They can't do anything now , they can't copy discs , can't acces memory, can't acces Drive.

Exploits like this aren't near real crack.

BannedForNineYears3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

PS2s have complex hardware. Which is why it's hard to emulate.
Same goes for the PS3, PS3 emulators won't be around for a longggggg time. xD

Anyway, if it really is possible for the PSJailbreak to play PS2 games......Sony should hire the creators. >_>

neogeo3831d ago

"Just look at PS2 emulator for PC , many tried but almost every game work like shit even on strong modern PC. "

I call epic fail. Mine runs flawless. EVERY GAME.

neogeo3831d ago

Any $50 PC graphic card can run any PS2 game in beautiful HD and 60fps.
I have a old ATI 4850 card and it runs everything maxed out easy.

MisterAV3831d ago

it doesn't matter much the GPU but the CPU with high clock. I have a quad with 2.4ghz and it has problems sometime to emulate ps2.
Also the video YOU posted say in the description that requires a VERY FAST computer..

edoman203831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

are you sure, i play every popular (and not so popular) ps2 games on my emulator and they work perfect

i got a C2D [email protected] GHZ and a HD 4830 (soon to be a HD5770 XD) and thats not a computar that someone could consider "modern"

MisterAV3831d ago

emulation use only two cores, so quad is useless and clock is important and you have 3.33, not bad, almost a ghz more than me..

sikbeta3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I say this is BS, if true, show me... too much claims coming from nerds but I don't see anything real...

Biggunz3830d ago

It keeps getting more hilarious all the thing this "jailbreak" can do. I predict that next week these guys using "jailbreak" will have found the cure for cancer...

dabri53830d ago

The European model PS3's had PS2 software emulators instead of hardware chips. When they stopped putting PS2 chips in the consoles in other territories, they stopped enabling the software emulator for all consoles as well. The emulator is already on your console, made and programmed by Sony. Just like the debug tools, the "hack" is just unlocking an already existing feature.

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xTruthx3831d ago

I said this like a year ago, they haven't released an emulator for the ps3 because the ps2 continues to sell.

GrandTheftZamboni3831d ago

So, Sony made their 60GB backward compatible PS3s more expensive by including the original PS2 chip, then they developed a software emulator, which also costs money, all this just to justify selling more PS2s, and now a few hacker enthusiasts wrote Backup Manager claiming it can play ALL PS2 games!!! Hahahahaha.... Who came up with this crap?

Crazyglues3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

The question has always been can the PS3 without the PS2 chip (like the newer 80 gig's and ps3 slims) actually play PS2 games through software..

The answer is yes, of course it can... -but why then, if it can, does Sony not let it.... - one answer - and one word - MONEY

Yes people this is a money game, you might think Sony makes these consoles for the good of gaming or because they want to make Gamers happy -you would be wrong. This is, and has always been about MONEY

Sony doesn't let PS3 play PS2 games using software, because the management team that runs Sony felt that buy letting that happen they would be killing the PS2. ( how you say? )

Well this may come as a shock to some, but the PS2 console is still selling crazy numbers every month.. -And Sony believes that buy letting you Play PS2 games on PS3 it would stop PS2 sales because people would just buy PS3's only.
(were as today PS2's and PS3's are both selling)-more money, more money in Sony's pocket.

The problem is- (that's what Sony thinks; but what they don't understand is they are wrong, and wrong big time) this actually would not stop PS2's from selling and if anything it would help PS2 titles sell even more... Sony doesn't get it... You see PS2's will continue to sell because they appeal to a consumer who does not want to pay $300 for a console.. or can not afford to pay that.

So if PS3 could play PS2 games, PS3 users would buy a lot of those games, especially if they could now download them and put them on the hard drive.

hell people who already have the CD version would re-buy them from the PS store just to have them on their hard drive.. -so sales would go through the roof.(PS2 games are three times better then most PSN download games)

And PS2's would still sell because some of those sales are first time gamers just starting to play games.. PS2 will still appeal to those people because it's cheaper and has a huge amount of games to play for cheap.

So yeah I always knew PS3's could do this, and I always knew Sony would mess it all up, because they don't understand the U.S.A -they are a japan company, they don't get it. -and they sure as hell don't get U.S. Gamers..

If they did, they would have never done home like that and instead did it more like second Life , and they would have released cross-chat a long, long, long time ago.. and they would be selling a hell of a lot more PS3's..

So all this hack did was expose something I had known all along, and now you know it too, PS3's could always play PS2 games -but Sony doesn't want you to play them on PS3, they would prefer if you just bought a PS2 for that


jackdoe3831d ago

I'm sorry but some of these comments are idiotic. I want to play PS2 games so I will buy a USB device that costs more than a fucking PS2? Bullshit. You just want to pirate PS3 games.

xCaptainAmazing3831d ago

Well I agree that some of them want to pirate PS3 games, but who cares? People have wanted software emulation for PS2 titles for a long time. It isn't any stretch of the imagination that this is all they would use it for.

I know people that jailbreak iPods for custom icons and the ability to change everything, but not to pirate apps. So there is middle ground.

jackdoe3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Because it is far easier and cheaper to go out and buy a new PS2 than to jailbreak it. That is fact. You want to play PS2 games? Buy a PS2 for cheap. Software emulation only upscales which your TV does anyway.

xCaptainAmazing3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Firstly, I agree the jailbreak is too expensive, but let's assume their will be a free alternative once scene groups get their hands on it (likely). It has more to do with the principle of the thing. You support the brand and buy a new, powerful PS3 that is fully capable of full software emulation, but doesn't do it. People don't want to keep their PS2 around and shouldn't have to. If they don't offer emulation, they should at least offer PS2 titles on the store, but they don't do that either. There aren't many options left to play you're favourite old titles. You could pirate them on a PC, but not everyone has a powerful enough PC, some only use laptops, etc. Only one option left since the new PS3s don't do hardware emulation out of the box.

Unicron3831d ago

"People don't want to keep their PS2 around and shouldn't have to. "

Why not? This is a weak argument, as this is a perfectly viable option. I'm too lazy to switch inputs/I don't want the wires cluttering things up are not valid reasons for hacking a system.

Mahr3830d ago

"I'm too lazy to switch inputs/I don't want the wires cluttering things up are not valid reasons for hacking a system."

Why should anyone need a 'valid' reason, whatever that means, to do what he wants with his own property?

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nycredude3830d ago

So let me get this straight some bs forum gets a post, translated through, that the next update on a mythical usb jailbreak device, that of course I know no one with, designed by crooks that claims to do everything but makes you sandwiches and sucks your dick/or clit, and everyone is up in arms about SOny removing features. Ok. Now I've seen it all...

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Tailor-DKS3831d ago we have a good reason to buy this...

kasasensei3831d ago

buy what? an usb flash drive?

RedDragan3831d ago

and what use would a PS3 be if you get the MAC banned? Would that really both worth the price of just playing PS2 games when this could have been done by spending £20 on a second hand PS2 console?

gtamike3831d ago

2nd PS3 for offline RedDragan

Theonik3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

What GTAMike said and the possible loss of online play isn't that much of an issue anyway :S (for a lot of people anyway)
*This update makes it impossible for Sony to ban you at this stage too. Either way they can't see you used it when you aren't using it so you can use the BC capabilities while offline.
@kasasensei: This is not a flashdrive...

acky13831d ago

whats the actual benefits of ps jailbreak...cos its £90. If that only allows me to play ps2 games then what is the point?

DaTruth3831d ago

Maybe some of these trolls are right, some of you are some real Sony loyalists! This debate should be about why Sony are blocking BC from our PS3's.

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KratosGirI3831d ago

Homebrew =/= Piracy

Get your facts straight, boyo.

duplissi3831d ago

i want homebrew... i want emulators... i want mkv support... i want to be able to change the user agent so hulu works again...

i am all for extended functionality, i had my ipod jailbroken, i have my hero rooted with cyaonogen mod installed with usb and wireless tethering and its overclocked.

but i dont agree with "piracy".

ZombieAutopsy3831d ago

Damn, as much as I am against jailbreaking this one thing could make me do it.

Cecker3831d ago

yeah but its every time a risk..a console bann is not funny :D

smoothdude3831d ago

So you are banned from PSN, so what. PS2 b/c is more important than spending money on psn.

acky13831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Not being able to play online is a much bigger loss than not being able to play ps2 games.

On the extreme rare occasion I may decide to play a classic ps2 game if i'm bored but on the whole I never play any ps2 games. Just like when I got a ps2 game I hardly ever played ps1 games. For a start, it's hard to go back and play some games...some just do not stand the test of time.

I for one was gutted when sony took out b/c for the only reason that they'd make more money since the ps2 was by no means extinct, but I doubt I would be using that feature at all nowadays when there's so many good new games to be played.

People forget how bad some games used to be, even as recent as ps2 days...control wise and obviously graphics wise. We've improved a lot in a short space of time making it again harder to go back.

Thankfully we all have the nostalgia as comfort.

jerethdagryphon3830d ago

they took out b/c because people wanted a price drop
in order to do a price drop 2 of 3 things has to happen

increased yeilds from a wafer, alongside a vaible dieshrink

removel of surplus features

take an even greater loss per console.

with the slim which do you think happened

b/c required at least one of the physical chips from the ps2 thats why it reset when you loaded it it was physically switching chip usage
that chip cost money removing it saved sony 30$ a unit
the usb slots saved 25+$ in silocon and plastic as well as the hardware

memoryslots and clear plastic saved another 10
thats 65$ saved per unit yet they dropped the price by 100