Yahtzee's first novel launches at Mana Bar

The Escapist’s silly-review personality Ben “Yahtzee” Crowshaw has written a novel – and it’ll launch at the Mana Bar, Australia’s famous videogames/drinking establishment, this Wednesday. That’s the 8th September for anyone visiting from another point in time and/or space.

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chazjamie2962d ago

this is the only book i need in my life

Pandemic2962d ago

Since when was there a gaming bar... O.O

Mr Exclusive2962d ago

Yep and they are opening 2 more Mana Bars in Australia, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne opening at the end of the year.

They plan to take it to America aswell.

Drjft2962d ago

Stop spreading rumours idiot. Yug himself said that it's staying in Australia, and they have no plans to run it outside of AUS.

NarooN2962d ago

Been following this dude for the past two years, his stuff never gets old.

Jack-Pyro2962d ago

I have his book on pre-order from amazon, and now I play the waiting game.

I love all of his reviews.