PlayStation 3 needs to survive another 5 years? Remake these games in full HD


The PlayStation One and PlayStation 2 are both undoubtedly legendary consoles. Both had some of greatest franchises born on them. Games like Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Ratchet and Clank and numerous other franchises all started on Sony’s previous consoles.

The PlayStation 3 has really picked up pace in the last few years after the media bashing they got when it launched in 2006. Sony have promised that they will continue to support the PlayStation 3 for 10 long years. So I think it would not be a bad idea to re-develop certain award winning games, using the full capabilities of the PlayStation 3 and Blu-Ray. A very good example of a remake was the God of War Collection. It proved to be a great way to hype up gamers for God of War 3 and the games listed below could really give the PlayStation 3 a huge boost in the years ahead.

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Hoje03082967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Broken link?

Edit: I like how I get disagrees for asking a question.


N4GAddict2967d ago

The site is working for me

Hoje03082967d ago

Strange, I guess Firefox decided it didn't like this site.

PS3OnlyDoesEvrything2967d ago

It only does remakes because they have no new IP's

LoVeRSaMa2967d ago

Only does everything your preferred console of choice does not?

zootang2967d ago

"It only does remakes because they have no new IP's"

Oh, the irony. Thanks for that. made me giggle!

EeJLP-2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago ) Fact Check..

New Exclusive IPs (this generation) over 80% Metacritic:

360 - 2 (4 if you count 360/PC.. 5 if you count Stoked)
Crackdown [1]
Alan Wake [2]
Gears (is on PC)
Left 4 Dead (is on PC)
Saints Row (2 is on PS3/PC, no longer exclusive
Dead Rising (2 is on PS3, no longer exclusive)
Condemned (2 is on PS3/PC, no longer exclusive)
Stoked (Was on PC first, 2 years before on 360, didn't start on 360)
Mass Effect (2 is on PS3, no longer exclusive)

PS3 - 4 (9 if you count PS3/PSP [MS ported PSP to PS2])
Uncharted [1]
Demon's Souls [2]
inFamous [3]
Heavy Rain [4]
ModNation Racers (if you count it.. on PSP also)
LittleBigPlanet (if you count it.. on PSP also)
Resistance (if you count it.. on PSP also)
Valkyria Chronicles (2 on PSP)
MotorStorm (PSP also, PSP game also on PS2)

Total True Exclusive IPs with a game rated 80% meta or above:
360 - 2
PS3 - 4

Total Company Exclusive IPs with a game rated 80% meta or above:
360 - 4 (5 w/ Stoked, even though it was out 2yrs on PC before 360)
PS3 - 9

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goldensfree2967d ago

well other than sit there n look pretty

jus saying no need to take it personal here man have an agree on me n a bub 4 laughs.

Hoje03082967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I'm not actually mad. I did have a bit of a grin when writing that. Thanks though, bubs back at ya.

Bobbykotickrulesz2967d ago ShowReplies(1)
ChronoJoe2967d ago

Woah calm down.

Disagree don't mean shit, if they hit disagree it was most likely to disagree with the statement 'broken link' with the disagree button being easier than a response.

It isn't like you got flagged for trolling or somethin...

ico922967d ago

Resident Evil collection ? GTA collection ?

cliffbo2967d ago


signed up on N4G today 6/9/10 hmmm wonder is this Omega4 under new name ?

Narutone662967d ago

accounts and it's already down to three bubbles, which three too many.

pustulio2967d ago

Is not broken.

And i would love The Warriors remake i loved that game.

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N4GAddict2967d ago

A Legend of Dragoon remake would be awesome

Cratos87802967d ago

still waiting for Shadow of Colossus+Ico HD release.

Hoje03082967d ago

Even if they weren't planned, I'm sure Sony caught wind of all the anticipation by now. The GOW collection didn't take long to develop, I imagine someone can get updated versions of these games running soon. I would fucking love to play Ico again!!

jneul2967d ago

well I never played the original wish they would release it on psn, for me to enjoy atleast

Lucreto2967d ago

I hope for Okami HD with Move support.

TGS is the perfect time to announce it so I have my fingers crossed.

T9X692967d ago

Does every video game website forget about the best online TPS ever made even to this day? SOCOM 2 Hello!!!! Give me a SOCOM 2 remake on PS3, and you wont see me until the PS5.

darkdoom30002967d ago

I never unstood the socom craze. Socom series were never about the story. only about multiplayer. wouldn't socom4s gameplay be an updated socom 2?

All these games on this list either have good story campaigns or they don't have a current gen sequel.

jneul2967d ago

ICO HD is on it's way hehe, also ps3 will easily last another 5 years unlike wii or x360 which are bith in need of replacement

tmt3452967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

The PS3 has 4 year old technology in it already. Developers are already starting to complain because they want to be able to do things like tessellations but they can't due to the outdated tech.

And in 5 years there will probably be 1440p in TV's, thats twice the resolution PS3's most popular exclusives are.

Stealth20k2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

All technology is old. But facts are this round of console will last another 5 years at least

Graphics dont make good games and this gen has proved that when the majority of games have such terrible quality and they have to make up for it by releasing dlc....

tmt3452967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Yes your right, it was just the comment saying that the PS3 wasn't in need of "replacement" but the 360 does. I don't game on the 360 and even I know thats a big load of BS... 1 year difference.

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