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"Great games are usually simple game mechanics delivered in a creative and fun way. Monday Night Combat is a prime example of this. It’s a third person shooter in the lines of Gears of War, with class based characters like that of Team Fortress, an upgrading system akin to that of Counter Strike and a simple tower defense system." - GameState

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DelbertGrady2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

360 owners are spoiled with great downloadable content. This game, Tomb Raider, Hydro Thunder, Limbo and last but not least Dead Rising Case Zero. And we're getting Hydrophobia as well. Amazing stuff!

@tigersnake86 - Indeed it has. New games every week. Most of them very good so far.

N4GAddict2969d ago

XBLA has been great so far this year.

N4GAddict2969d ago

Monday Night Combat is very underrated

granthinds2969d ago

Xbox LIVE owners have neen REALLY spoilt, especially with ultra-creative, risk taking titles. It pays off.

All_4_One2969d ago

This is a great game, it kind of flew under the radar too.

BabyTownFrolics2968d ago

a good number purchased it, my friend who just got it yesterday with total in game earnings of zero is ranked 210,967. so ate least 200,000+ people purcahsed it
times that by 15.00 equals 3 million bucks.

granthinds2968d ago

Wow, that's incredible! I'm really happy for them! :)