Rumour: These Could Be Pokémon Black & White’s Starter Evolutions

Spencer: Long story short — a trio of Black & White starter evolution pictures that originated on 2ch picked up steam as a legitimate rumour. Following the “scoop,” a number of trusted Pokémon sites on the net got on the case, and have been trying to verify it, all in their own ways, and most are of the opinion that these are indeed the evolved forms of Pokémon Black & White’s starters.

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Quagmire2966d ago



I dont know what pokemon is anymore....

ironfist922966d ago

I dont think Game Freak/Nintendo does either

Naughty Dog2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Well they still look like Pokemon, the designs are just inferior and whack.

the pig and snake final evolution are ugly! I guess I'm choosing the water Pokemon as my starter because it looks cool, My starter Pokemon was always fire until it became a stupid pig.