PSLS : Next Red Dead Game To Be a Revolution

Paul writes, "Alcohol can cause one’s lips to loosen fairly easily. This can result in information being leaked early, and in this case the potential title of Red Dead Redemption’s sequel may have been let loose prematurely."

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Agent-862966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Wow, the title is confusing and doesn't make any sense: "PSLS : Disaster Report 4 on the Move to PS3". I get the PSLS stands for playstationlifestyle, but what does the rest of it mean? I see PS3 and Move in there and think its something to do with that. However, when you actually go to the article, its all about a possible name for the Red Dead Redemption sequel. Huh?

Agent-862966d ago

OK, cool. I see that the correction was made and now the title makes sense.

Quagmire2966d ago

Any chance of a Clint Eastwood cameo?

OneSneakyMofo2966d ago

But Red Dead Revolution is the sequel? lol

Nike2966d ago

Considering Red Dead Redemption had nothing to do with Red Dead Revolver - and that even Bioshock Infinite has nothing to do with the original two Bioshock titles set in Rapture - and not to mention the majority of Final Fantasy games that bear no story continuation with each other...

I'd say this could be considered a sequel too.

TOO PAWNED2966d ago

I lover Red Dead, and that was shocking for me since i don't like previous Rockstar games (GTA series, Bully, etc). It was like Batman AA last year, din't expect to like it and ended up LOVING it.
Red Dead my GOTY so far. Vanquish could take that away, i am in love with Demo.

TOO PAWNED2966d ago

people disagree with my preference...bizzare.

DaBadGuy2966d ago

Red Dead Revolution. Good title, but it's not as fun to say as Red Dead Redemption.....Red Dead Redemption.....but it makes sense. I'm guessing it will pick up from the ending of Redemption....Red Dead Redemption....and will follow the story of Jack Marston. Seeing as how except for getting Redemption.....Red Dead Redemption....for his father, there wasn't really much else to do as Jack. I'm curious to see where his story would go. I liked John more, but....well....he's all dead and such. It's possible they could just go with someone else, but I have to imagine they would go on with Jack. But where would they go with Jack? Red Dead Redemption was kind of like the entire Star Wars saga in one, the main character of the story was Anakin Skywalker, in this case John Marston, and then the son, Luke Skywalker, in this case Jack Marston, redeemed the father.

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