Two Big TGS 2010 RUMORS

Two of the biggest announcements of TGS 2010 (if they are more than rumors) will certainly be GTA 5 and a new Kojima game.

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golsilva2967d ago

i heard of the kojima ps3 rumor and gta 5 rumor but really gta5 at tgs. thats like revealing a new final fantasy game at e3. gta 5 will most likely be revealed at e3 or maybe gamescom.
has anyone heard of any other tgs rumors?

PirateThom2967d ago

The only other thing I've heard, and this is pretty much true for every major gaming event, is Team ICO HD collection.

jonboi242967d ago

idk if ur being sarcastic about ff games being revealed at e3 but both ff13 and ffvs13 both were revealed at e3.

KILLERAPP2967d ago

CVG announced that Kojima will be showing off a “massive PS3 exclusive that will own the show.” It was also said that Kojima wanted to show the game at E3 but “Wanted to take more time to polish the game so that it will drop jaws when unveiled.”, If this is true then is going to be a hot TGS...

Doc Sony2967d ago

haha, if this comes through I'm gonna have a blast here and over at

I hope this happens.

Cyrax_872967d ago

but do you have a link to this?

mrmcygan2967d ago

Still waiting for info of "AGENT"

goukijones2967d ago

I wasn't a huge fan of the GTA 4. Not really excited about 5 until I see something that completely amazes me. That probably won't happen until the XBOX 4000. As far as the Kojima game goes. Zzzzzz

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The story is too old to be commented.