TGH: Castle Crashers Review PSN

TGH Writes: "Finally the hit XBLA title smashes its big bulky Chuck Norris butt whipping self onto the PSN. Castle Crashers has made it’s mark on the XBLA Marketplace but now the title finds a new home in what some call the definitive version. Does the few tweaks and the long wait for its move to PSN hold well for this title? Or does it not live up to the hype."

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SeanRL2964d ago

No thanks, sorry but I was hardly interested in this when it was on XBLA, the wait was just too long.

ShadyDevil2964d ago

However the game is great, granted the minor upgrades cant make up for the XBLA exclusivity rights..but ..ya know its how Microsoft rolls

Faztkiller2964d ago

I'm going to try and get this I played the trial on XBL and It was fun May wait to see if the price comes down though

Quagmire2964d ago

I would rather have Shadow Complex than anything else from XBL come to PSN.

ShadyDevil2964d ago

I would have to agree with you there, however Behemoth is a wonderful company dating back to their roots on Newgrounds with Alien Homnid and such. Castle Crashers is a masterpiece of the Action RPG for Downloadable titles. Especially such a title for mature audiences.

As for Shadow Complex, that would be great but there are a lot of games that have that aura coming in the next few months to PSN, be on the lookout for Rush'n Attack.
Also pretty sure that theres an excusivity deal there for Microsoft (didn't they publish it? I could be wrong)