Microsoft still interested in a Halo movie and possible TV outlet

Ex: The Halo franchise made the Xbox and Xbox 360 into viable and then successful game consoles but Microsoft hasn't been able to get it on the big screen. A serious effort was made back in 2005 with Microsoft pitching a script for a movie produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Neil Blomkamp. A soaring budget and butting studio heads resulted in the project getting canned but the result has been a series of stunning live-action commercials for Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and the upcoming Halo: Reach. However, Microsoft hasn't given up moving the Halo franchise outside of the gaming realm as they are still interested in a movie and TV possibilities as well.

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SeanRL2991d ago

Movie would be great, though a TV series would be going to far IMO. Honestly, just get the guys who make the live action Halo commercials to do it.

Queasy2991d ago

I was thinking a TV series would be CGI or possibly animated like the DVD. The good thing about a TV series is that it would give them the opportunity to develop the charactes/universe a little more versus a big-budget movie that would probably be one action set-piece after another with a little plot crammed into 2 and half hours.

niceguywii602991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Depends if they take the Game route or the Book route when it comes to a movie(THE REACH GAME IS STELLAR). Obviously the people in charge of marketing Halo are very good at doing the best of both worlds hence the fanbase and even fans of other camps being confused on why they don't make a movie based on Halo shorts for marketing. I mean come on the HALO shorts give more perspective than the video game stories in not just past halo games but in many modern franchises.

It's already proven the people faithfully behind Halo know better based on the SHORTS

Yes I disagreed with you.

Queasy2991d ago

Well, yeah. Obviously it's going to depend on how the story is developed and the quality of the end result. But I was just stating that I think that a CGI or animated series seems more likely for a TV version while the movie version will be live-action.

Bnet3432991d ago

TV would be good, but make it like a CGI or anime. The movie, yeah, needs to happen.

Skizelli2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Considering the number of Harry Potter movies, I don't see why they couldn't do the same with Halo. It definitely couldn't be just one movie.

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TrevorPhillips2991d ago

A movie would be great!

But Peter Jackson should direct it :)

Hallmark Moment2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Perhaps MSFT will go back to him. Remember they parted ways after they canceled the first Halo Project.

The real beefs and reasons Bungie changed? LOl just kidding.

Give the Halo movie a solid Sci-Fi fleshed out production of Avatar and District 9(they copied the essence of Halo anyways) and add a great movie with great story telling of your choosing. It's the fictional action stuff that needs to be done right just as much as the story.

The BS Police2991d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing James Cameron direct it actually.

DeFFeR2991d ago

I would - if only for the fact that it wouldn't come out for 15 years...

earbus2991d ago

Guilmo del toro should direct it hes a gamer and the work he did in hellboy 2 and pans labrynth was a visual feast .

RememberThe3572991d ago

I wouldn't be excited for a tv show. A movie about Master Chief would be great. I'd love to see a story of how he became who we know him to be. Bring some character to our favorite lumbering green suit of armor.

tiamat52991d ago

I know everyone will swamp me with disagrees for this but a Halo movie is as bad as an idea as a Gears of War movie. These shooter stories are fine for game play to get from one mission to the next but they are so shallow they would never have enough material to make an A+ movie no matter who directs it. It will be Resident Evil, Doom and Alone in the Dark all over again. Just saying.

The BS Police2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Maybe you should play the Halo games before making such a claim, let alone read the novels.

DeFFeR2991d ago

Take "The Fall of Reach" the novel, and make it into a movie, and you've got a blockbuster on your hands.

Eric Nylund did such a great job with that book.

Strafe topic - I wish that they would open up the story arc a little faster and allow more than one author to write a book at a time.

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