A Wii Little Fake

It happens to every popular consumer device, we eventually see knock-offs trying to cash in on the look of a popular toy. We've seen fake iPods and DS systems left and right. This has to be the first Wii knock-off. It is a little LED football game on what appears, at first glance, to be a Wiimote. The package even advertises motion controls. Nice try guys, but this probably isn't going to replace Madden. Where was this fake found? Some back-alley flea market, right? Nope, this was in the toy section at my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart.

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Ares844793d ago

I remember when i was living in Hungary and whent out to a fleemarket they had all those fake SEGA's and Nintendo's I guess that's just the same thing :D

Rooftrellen4793d ago

I'm sure Nintendo can't sure these guys, which is too bad, when you consider someone can try to sue Nintendo for the Wiimote looking somewhat like, and having a totally different function from, a device they made.

However, Nintendo, or anyone for that matter, can't sue someone who is obviously trying to rip people off. At least it doesn't appear that it is compatible with the ever popular Wu (with 2 dots over the u) like most other rip offs.

When it becomes so obvious someone is trying to rip people off, there should be a law against it, yet in so many obvious cases, like this one, nothing ever happens...