Xbox 360 4GB Arcade vs. Black Wii/White Wii Bundles- August 2010 Sales Ranks

"The chart below shows the sales ranks for the 4GB Xbox 360 Arcade console priced at $199.99, as well the sales ranks for the Black Wii w/ Wii Sports Resort and White Wii w/ Wii Sports Resort bundles priced at $199.99.", says CoffeewithGames.

CwG says, "So, did the 4GB Xbox 360 "Arcade" version out-rank either the Black or White Wii w/ Wii Sports Resort bundles during August? Let's take a look:"

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CoffeewithChess2966d ago

like I was at the lower sales ranks of the White Wii w/ Wii Sports Resort bundle?

360kinect2966d ago

If you were surprised now, just wait for until Kinect is released! Nintendo better get ready with more price drops...

swtfu22966d ago

Just wait for Kinect to show Microsoft can sell a product that doesn't work well , , like the Xbox 360 and Windows

On topic - Why is anybody buying the Arcade version anyway, just save an xtra $100!

2966d ago
Cevapi882965d ago

its just a matter of preference, if lets say sony released the white ps3 in n. america, we would see its sales increase over the black counterparts because its something new and it gives the consumers options on what they like better, plus the black wii just looks cool IMO

mrcash2965d ago

windows works just fine

gamingdroid2965d ago

To be fair to Nintendo, there are two SKU's that add up for Nintendo and only one for MS. This might suggest that Nintendo is doing twice as well as MS in this comparison. The other is August is when th 4GB Xbox 360 bundle was released so we expect a spike.

On the flip side, Xbox 360 sells more of their higher end SKU that isn't listed here.

However, there is no doubt Xbox 360 is gaining momentum again and even outselling Wii in July.

CoffeewithChess2965d ago

I covered the 250GB 360 and 120/160GB PS3s in an earlier post:

The reason for separating them was:
1) Overcrowding of the chart
2) Different price points

gamingdroid2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Fair enough. You just need to clarify it, because the way it is, you are splitting the 360's user base in half (or whatever the split is) and making a somewhat unbalanced comparison.

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Immortal3212965d ago

instead of the over powered ps3.

wii vs 360 is what we should see more often.

Socrates2965d ago

Nothing can match the delusion of a PS3 fanboy.

As has been explained time and again by developers, the 360 and PS3 are essentially equal in power. Just because you are drinking the Sony Kool-aid doesn't mean the rest of us are.

Immortal3212964d ago

and all I see the 360 doing is, another halo, another gears, which is the only new franchise to the xbox, another fable, an exclusive crytek game, xbl price increase, and a new controller.

Plus Sony studios, have the talent to make a good looking game while the gameplay is on par. Understandable that some may not like them, but hey we all have preferences.

niceguywii602966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

World wide the Wii seen a 22% jump only losing by 20,000 to the 360. The next two weeks will be explosive for MSFT and most likely the rest of the year and the following months.

PoorMansGT2965d ago

hmm lets see, a system that actually works like wii or a system that is guaranteed to break like 360.hmm tough choice...

LoydX-mas2965d ago

is that the best you can do?

PoorMansGT2965d ago

Effielel it does, 2 ign editors already had their's break.

PoorMansGT2965d ago

Lol Loyd is mad at the breaks guaranteed eventually.

kaveti66162965d ago

Proof, katstacks. It's not hard to post a link to the ign editors saying this happened. It would take no time for you to post the proof, yet you neglected to do so. why?

Eiffel2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Can't recall the 360 S breaks as often as it's predecessors.

DelbertGrady2965d ago

Haven't heard of a single case where the 360 S has broken down.

Trunkz Jr2965d ago

So many have already bought a wii, there aren't too many sales that you can make from it :P

shadyiswin2965d ago

don't tell nintendo that, I thought the wii was a waste when 3 years later every ones favorite game was still wii sports, but it keeps selling like hot cakes along with the ds, which nobody talks about how many are easily broken, my gf had to get a new one cause the mic broke so she couldn't finish zelda, she worked at gamestop and said so many parents buy new ds's cause to repair them it's like $120, so go figure I want the failure rate on ds's.

shadyiswin2965d ago

This guys website is horribly inaccurate.Wait for the actual numbers, the xbox has outsold the wii every week in august.This chart shows the xbox almost being out sold 2:1, this $200 arcade version had to be its best seller no way it making up such a tiny percent.Matter of fact you have the ps3 dominating the 360 in august and you have the wii pretty much dominating it as well, but when the numbers come out the 360 will have out sold the wii by 100,000 which means it has outsold the ps3 as well.Your way of obtaining information looks like it's excruciating and tedious but also inaccurate go back to the drawing offense of course.

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