The 10 Most Iconic Vehicles In Gaming History

This list doesn’t include spaceships or tanks or animals or portals or any of that. These vehicles all fall into the category of having good ol’ fashion rubber on the ground. These are the vehicles any gamer would instantly recognize and be like, “Oh ya! That crazy Ice Cream Truck! I remember that!” Click here to see the top 10.

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TransferMePlease2964d ago

Goddammit, I loved that ice cream truck. Such a sweet game series, hell, a great genre. So good.

TheLastGuardian2964d ago

Sweet Tooth should've been #1.


boooooo Sweet Tooth from TM3

Crake2964d ago

Ugh that guy from Twisted Metal gave me freaking nightmares as a kid.

SeanRL2964d ago

I was thinking Mario's kart all the way until the bottom of the page lol.

Caithness2964d ago

Glad to see some Gran Turismo recognition. What with Gran Turismo 5 taking forever to release and pissing off all it's fans in the mean time... people are forgetting just how big and good the Gran Turismo franchise is.

I can't wait for 5 and yes, the Ford GT was absolutely iconic and amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.