VGC: PAX 2010: Halo: Reach Preview

Halo: Reach is already one of the most eagerly anticipated 360 titles... ever. In the last few days leading up to Reach's September 14 release date, the Bungie team delivered their last presentation before launch this morning at PAX in Seattle. gamrFeed was there and got the scoop on the history of the game's development, story, characters, maps, and campaign.

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coolbeans2966d ago

There's gonna be such a blowout on anything Halo in the next week or so. Don't like it when a blockbuster clutters up the main page.

T9X692966d ago

Then don't visit the site....Halo is a very big deal, just like GT5, Twisted Metal, Killzone 3, Gears of War 3, or any other big named exclusive. When the time comes for the games release, expect the front page to be filled with it.