Raw DLC: Nina Kristensen interview for Enslaved

You might’ve been wondering what the hell happened to Ninja Theory. You know, those guys behind the sex-sational Heavenly Sword. Well, they’ve been toiling long and hard on their new project, Enslaved. In simplest terms, it’s a revamped version of 16th century Chinese novel Journey to the West, though you’d be more familiar with the TV show it spawned, Monkey. A mix of platforming, brutal combat, and motion capture that permeates its every pore, how can you not get excited? After a hands-on session, we cornered Nina to get the lowdown on Monkey, Trip(itaka) and how they work together.

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Anime-Vixen2990d ago

Am Im the only who thinks the characters are really ugly in this game. The girl looks like an ugly version of Nariko and don't get me started on the guy! Anyway this game looks ok. I hope they release a demo.

jc485732990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Guy is ugly for sure, but I think this girl looks better or at least cuter than Nariko. I like their obsession with red hair though. I think that's one way to approach by making Monkey look like a gorilla, but why not something more human like. Humans can have lots of hair right? Oh yea, I thought Monkey was supposed to be a hairy beast??!

Quagmire2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

You kidding me? Monkey looks badass and funny. Trip is cute, like a descendant of Nariko. Both are hot (I mean Nariko and Trip, not Monkey and Trip .... )

jc485732989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

so they intended to make Monkey look funny and badass? define funny and badass please.

albel_nox2990d ago

This game just looks amazing. Definitely my number 1 game for the rest of the year.

2989d ago