4 Ways Microsoft is Making the Xbox 360 More Expensive in 2010

AC: Why Being an Xbox 360 Fan Will Cost a Lot More in 2010
2010 may very well be the best time there is to be an Xbox 360 fan, but in order to be a 360 fan these days, you'll have to pay big time. Following are several ways Microsoft is working to make the Xbox 360 more expensive in 2010.

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-Mezzo-3271d ago

4 valid reasons, everything seems worth it except Kinect.

ikkeweer3271d ago

like more exclusive games.
I play games, screw kinect, screw move, I want good games.
I'll pay+ to play when its worth it to me.

aviator1893271d ago

The majority of those reasons are just lame and Kinect really is optional. The only way the 360 is getting more costly is the Xbox Live price hike.
What a crappy article.

-Mezzo-3271d ago

well if you look at it like that, than everything in the Article is optional not just the Kinect.

T9X693271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I find these reasons to be a bit silly to be honest.

1. Xbox Live Gold Price Hikes - You pay for XBL yearly, so $10 more a YEAR isn't much, but that doesn't mean I agree with it. XBL has been a paid service to begin with, the first day you dropped $$$ on this service should tell you right away, chances are the price will go up eventually. Its inevitable to happen, just like any other paid subscription, if you don't like it you shouldn't have been in a paid subscription service to begin with. Yes PSN is free, but if you're paying for XBL now you made that choice knowing there is another option that is free, so obviously something about XBL stands out to you that makes you think its worth paying for.

New Wireless Xbox 360 Controllers - This is nothing new, when MS released the "premium" red controllers (not sure what was the difference) they where priced at the same amount. Also it included a play n charge kit which is $20 stand alone. Normal 360 controller is $50, play n charge is $20, $50+$20=$70 which equals the price of the new controller. If you're buying a wireless controller to begin with for Xbox 360, the smart thing to do is purchase a play n charge kit anyway because paying for batteries all the time is a pain.

The Xbox 360 Slim - You're wrong, MS added 4GB to the arcade compared to 512MB and added Wi-fi and is charging the same price they always have of $199. The announcement of the slim made the normal 360 prices drop, not raise. They also made the new 360 with built in Wi-fi as well as many other small new features replace the old 360 Pro for the same price of $299. Nothing has changed but better hardware, and the old hardware getting a price drop. This is making a 360 less expensive (if you choose the old models), not more expensive.

Xbox Kinect - This is really a tough call because its a completely different way to play video games, same with Move. Motion control gaming is something you're simply interested in, or completely don't give a f*** about it. If you plan to play the with motion controls, prepare to drop some heavy $$$ no matter what system you own.

After reading the whole article, the only thing I can even partially agree on is the XBL price increase, but as I said before its inevitable to happen so it doesn't surprise me as much. Maybe if his reasoning for XBL increase was better than "they haven't changed it in 8 years, why now" then I would cut him some slack. Cable, phone, internet, insurance, all change prices all the time, anyone with bills knows this. If he would have said, well adding ESPN, Twitter, Facebook,, doesn't justify the $10 increase then maybe he would be going somewhere with this article.

aviator1893271d ago

The only valid point in this article is the xbox live price hike. Everything else really doesn't contribute to the argument.

JBroken3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Reason 3 is just grasping at straws. Broken straws...broken straws from jail. Jailbreaking straws...jailbreak...psjailbre ak. Oops, how'd we get here?

AliTheBrit193271d ago

And not one of them will effect me :)