Dealspwn: Enslaved (Hands-on Preview of finished game)

Dealspwn writes: "There will be some more moves and upgrades to unlock once a decent amount of Tech Orb currency has been acquired too which should rejuvenate the combat. The platforming feels really fluid and the animations are superb in-game. There’s no loss of detail between in-game and cutscenes either and as you can tell by the screenshots it’s absolutely stunning to look at. Better looking than Uncharted 2? Well, I’ll wait till I’ve seen the whole game before making that call. Overall, it’s looking like Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is going to be well worth the wait."

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Bigpappy3275d ago

This game looks better in the environments that ME2.

jack_burt0n3275d ago

game looks worse than heavenly sword imo also the screentearing in the latest build is just >_< if u have a tv bigger than 22" its unplayable.