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Mairondil writes: "I put together a video of game play from PlayStation’s Sports Champions Table Tennis and Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis in a side by side comparison. I played a game as normally as possible. I played a game simply waggling either controller back and forth and I played a game frantically wailing either controller back and forth."

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acky13667d ago

how is it possible to get more disagrees than agrees for a comment like that.

With all the talk of accuracy and precision with Move, and with Sony saying "if you suck in real life, you'll suck in the game" I was expecting a far different experience. Obviously if that were true nobody would buy the game cos it wouldn't be fun. Still doesn't look like that much fun with the comparatively easy controls to what was originally touted. Why anyone who wasn't into their tabletennis would buy this game is beyond me, looks quite boring.

wray773667d ago

It's possible to get more disagrees than agrees because more people don't agree than agree. I disagree with that statement. I don't think stick wagging is fun, so I'm not a big fan of the wii. I think move is a mistake. And if all I'm doing with kinect is flailing my arms like I'm holding something I think that will be a mistake too.

acky13667d ago

It's a sad state of affairs on a site like this when a level-headed comment like that will get so many disagrees (I personally think Wii can be fun along with millions of other people - and it's hard to argue that anyone reading this couldn't find a few games on Wii that you genuinely couldn't have fun with) ...and yet a comment along the lines of "xbox 360 sucks BALLS" will get a disproportionate amount of agrees to disagrees.

N4g_null3666d ago

Waggle gets you no where on the wii any more not even with resort. I'm not sure why you guys think one set of gyros is better than the other.

The disagree things is pr guys trying to do their job. I'm not joke about that.

IneedWeed3667d ago

I read that if you change the difficulty levels that it can become a lot more tougher and realistic for Sports Champion. From the video it looks like it's on easy or medium since the computer doesn't seem to be that good.

PS Move still looks good, but we all know Sports Champ wasn't going to be the killer app to get everyone joining PS Move. I would like a comparison video of KZ3 and Wii Call of Duty. I know PS Move is better for FPS, but by how much.

fear883667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Wii is permanently set on stupid easy.

Move is set to realistic awesome.

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i_am_interested3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

even though i laugh at wii motion control games, part of the reason games such as this dont have "1:1" is because of the character attached to it, which is why you see games like sports champions table tennis not feature a character attached

its also why you see virtua tennis 4 with one of the weirdest camera setups ever for move

JohnApocalypse3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Looks the same to me

raztad3667d ago

It is not about how it looks, but how it plays/feels.

SeanRL3667d ago

Ya, ps move's version play's better, though I find both of them to be incredibly dull.

JohnApocalypse3667d ago

Yeah, that's what I really meant. The sensitivity looks the same

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