Sadistic Ways People Torture Their Sims.

10 evil ways people treat their virtual people in The Sims

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SeanRL3017d ago

They mention that it takes them a month to bang a girl in the sims. Now, I don't know much about the first game but in sims 3 I always stick to a 3 day plan. Cause that's how I roll. ;)

3017d ago
ChrisPriestman3017d ago

re-enacting Saw. It doesn't get much better than putting 5-6 Sims in a house removing certain doors etc and then continue to watch them wither away. To spice things up you miraculously start random fires, raise walls behind them and give them one thing that is useless without another item. As they die off open up walls so they all start crying out the sight of the urn...those who murmur "I wanna play a game" get bonus points.

Jallen3017d ago

Ha, ha. That's abhorrent...might have to give it a try.

Calm Down Sunshine3017d ago

4 walls, no door, and a bed next to the fireplace.