IGN:Call of Duty: Black Ops Headsets Revealed

At E3 Mad Catz announced their new range of controllers, peripherals, and accessories, as well as teased a new series of Call of Duty: Black Ops-branded surround sound gaming headphones under their newly acquired Tritton brand. Now, Mad Catz has finally lifted the veil on the new lineup and IGN has all of the details as well as video first look.

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Dark_Energy2964d ago

I can imagine Call Of Duty fans will pick these up I know I certainly won't given the past experiences with Mad Catz I've had

SeanRL2964d ago

I literally could not understand a word of what my friends were saying when they were talking to me through the MW2 PS3 bluetooth headset.

gcolley2964d ago

they are really trittons, which i already have. they are ok but the mic is rubbish on mine. these should be better.

ChronoJoe2964d ago

Astros are what you want.

I'm ordering those soon. :)

ArcticWolfUK2964d ago

dont waste your money, astro's are poor quality compared to other headsets that are the same price. astro mixamp with hd555's, pc350 or ad700's with clip on mics. 10x better.

trittons good for the price but there cheap n unreliable, got a higher failure rate than the 360. :L

ChronoJoe2964d ago

Not all the mics, on all these headsets work on PS3 though, and I know Astros do... so...

ArcticWolfUK2962d ago

no all of them work, all you need is astro mixamp for best quality or turtlebeach/steelseries soundcards

The_Claw2964d ago

actually mad catz just purchased tritton not too long ago. tritton makes top notch products, so dont get them confused. although, this is a total rip off. $250? for what? some black paint and a carrying case? get the same headphones for $120 here

i use these (ax 720) and they are worth every penny. true 5.1 surround

kneon2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I was looking to upgrade my current tritton headset and would much prefer it in black, but there is no way I'm paying double just for that. That would be stupid. I would have preferred it without the COD branding anyway.

edit: Looking at the specs again this isn't as bad a rip off as I thought, this is a re-branded ax Pro, not the ax 720. The 720 has to fake the surround sound with only 2 speakers. These have 4 speakers per ear.

Still not worth it but not as bad as I thought it was

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SHOGUN 36o2964d ago

A lot of headsets will do fine but I recommend an Astro A40 and a Mix amp. If you can afford it.

boodybandit2964d ago

An Astro A40 is okay but I recommend a HD processor 5 (7 if you have room) decent speakers and a rocking sub. Throw in a buttkicker (tactile transducer) and gaming enters a whole new dimension.

The_Claw2964d ago

true, but headphone are nice for when you dont want to disturb other people, and your neighbors lol.

boodybandit2963d ago

A headset with a buttkicker gamer would be sweet for that very reason. I always wondered what it would be like to play a racing game on my wheel with that very set up. Maybe I will look into a A40 with a mix amp and give it a try.

2964d ago
MGRogue20172964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

... Meh.

Sigh2964d ago

like tritton's, might get em soon. But damn make more colorways. Don't want a headset that says "CALL OF DUTY" or just one colorway (here where I live, they only have the grey/orange colorway).

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The story is too old to be commented.