7 September Games that Must Prove Themselves Relevant

What do Halo: Reach, PlayStation Move and Front Mission: Evolved have in common? They're all being released in September, and they all have huge question marks floating above them as to whether or not they'll actually be relevant to gamers who are looking to spend their hard earned cash on video games this month.

Halo: Reach has to protect a legacy, PlayStation Move has to show its worth $100+, and other games have their own things they need to prove before they're considered to be viable purchases in September.

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poopnscoop2991d ago

Oh great, not this guy again. Always be hatin on Halo and making Sony games look like they're a ton better than they actually are. I swear, just cause the author is Asian he's always hugging on to Nintendo and Sony's balls and making Microsoft look bad.

Halo: Reach is going to be GOTY, PS Move is going to suck and Kinect will take Nintendo Wii's place. Count on it.

2990d ago
Barbapapa2990d ago

i don't get why Americans love halo its just another super space marine shooter.

kasasensei2990d ago

Not only americans people like halo.
Try it someday, with some of your friends if you can, and maybe you will understand why "halo" is so great. It is just pure fun.

kasasensei2990d ago

you are just an idiot.

Gilliand2990d ago

I like how you criticize this guy for being a fanboy, but then you just say the opposite of what he says.

I also like how you bring race in this. You're probably twelve though, looking at your name, so you your just ignorant of people outside where you live. Oh well you'll eventually grow up.

ReservoirDog3162990d ago

12 hours, first comment and something like that hasn't been deleted by the mods?

otherZinc2990d ago

I knew this idiot was at the helm!

I ask this fool to name 1, just 1 console game that has made the progression Halo games have made from Halo:CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, & ODST! I'll bet that idiot doesn't know, but those of us that have actually played the Halo games know the improvements are many & incredible & games made today don't have many of the features available in the Halo Games.

Go ahead, name just "1" game that has progressed like a Halo sequel........& name the improvements.

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StanRaimondi2991d ago

you keep dreaming. better yet how about sharing what your smoking.

Queasy2990d ago

I think pre-orders have already shown that Halo: Reach will be more than relevant.

Sony is already betting on the Move not being a bit hit right off the back but a slow grower.

Games like Shaun White Skateboarding are definitely looking for relevancy though in a market crowded with Tony Hawk and the Skate series.

tehk1w12990d ago

Not overly impressed with any of the titles to be honest.

Urmomlol2990d ago

Decent reasons I suppose. Pretty presumptuou though

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