The 10 Best PS3 Games Released

Gameolosophy: Killzone was bound to be released for the new generation PlaySation console after conquering the sandy shores of the PS2! This was the game I was waiting for when I first bought my PS3, Two words; off tap.

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DasBunker2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

no GOWIII or uncharted 2... and lol'd @ R6V, FAIL.

-Mezzo-2965d ago

lol. It's criminal to not include GOWIII & Uncharted 2 in any top PS3 games List.

T9X692965d ago

Or maybe some people don't like TPS or Hack & Slash games. There's a reason we have a wide genre of different games, so people can play the genre they enjoy. Nobody has to like what everyone else likes. Would I put GOW3 on my top 10 or even 20, nope, because I don't like hack and slash games. That goes for any genre that you don't like.

MrAwesome2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Whoever wrote this article is clearly an FPS and racing fan the PS3 has so much better games than the ones on this list (LBP,UC2,GoW3,Demon's Souls and more)

theonlylolking2965d ago

This guy makes a crap list of ten best 360 games and makes an even crappier list on ten best PS3 games.