Shovelware’s Next Victim: Kinect

Shovelware is a term given to rapidly-released, low-quality games. It runs rampant where production costs are low and consumer enthusiasm is high. Still confused? Allow Platform Nation to point you in the direction of the Wii and iPhone and then go into Xbox Kinect.

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goldensfree2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

aside from what ms is putting out or paying ta b made.
devs wont develop unless they think they can sell their games... now if kinect does sell like hotcakes well prob get tons...

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Agent-862963d ago

What are you talking about? The shovelware is already here....just look at the launch line-up: all fitness, dance and Wii-party games.

uxo222963d ago

If you don't look at the already released games that has had their axises remapped for Move, the same can be said about move. Champion sports, kung fu..., and the other move Only titles are simple shovelware.

Agent-862963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Please note, I did not mention the Move, so why do you bring that up? The article was about the shovelware on the Kinect. But since you brought it up, the Move does have games coming that aren't shovelware and are not "remapped": Sorcery, Ruse, KZ3, Socom4, LBP2 just to name a few. Also, I think the fact that Move can be patched and "remapped" is a definite plus in its favor.

Kinect games have to be made for it specifically and we can all see the limitations and problems it has even with doing that. Now, I'm primarily a PC gamer, so I'm not in to this whole motion control business. However, if I was forced to be console only gamer, Move would be my choice of motion controllers. It is clearly superior to the Wii or Kinect: more accurate and true 1:1 tracking.

hatchimatchi2963d ago

I don't think developers have a choice. All kinect has shown to be capable of is pure shovelware games.

mrv3212963d ago

Clearly you didn't see Microsofts E3... if those games don't sream hardcore I don't know what will. /SARCASM.

tinybigman2963d ago

dropping $150 on something that doesn't have games that i'm interested in. i generally find it funny and weird the people who defend kinect. i get the sense the ones who do are 1) diehard fanboys who won't admit their company of choice is going in the wrong direction and fast or, 2) gamers who have kids who'll probably eat this up because this is made just for them.

Narutone662963d ago

probably already owned a Wii, like me. I won't spend for another casual gaming console.

Lirky2963d ago

Even if kinect didn't have lag.. ppl would wonder how to move forward in games without a controller. like no analog to run.

Narutone662963d ago

have to moonwalk in reverse to move forward.

MGRogue20172963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Kinect's victims: Elderly people and.. your parents.

ingiomar2963d ago

Microsoft will Have lots of control like they always have on games that will be released..
if it gets out of hand Microsoft won't approve shovelware games anymore..
did you guys see how much Ubisoft's Kinect Motion Sports looks like Rare's Kinect sports?

Its basically the same but without Avatars.

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The story is too old to be commented.