Xbox 360 HD-DVD shows its colours

Microsoft recently showcased the 360's HD-DVD add on. What's more its the first time the add on has been seen in operation and CVG was one of the lucky few able to get a glimpse of it running.

So take a look at CVG's first look at the HD-DVD add on.....

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Marty83705393d ago

Cheap and crap.PS3/Bluray are the future.

bernie5393d ago

Forget the consoles for a minute and look at it purely from a movie buffs point of view.

We all want the best quality, and that is HD DVD, don't be silly and waste your money, look:

They all tell us what we need to know, HD DVD is the better quality.
I didn't care who made the best one, I just wanted value for money and thats the HD DVD.

TheMART5393d ago

PS3fan, it's all in your name. You're a fanboy. Just see the reviews.

HD-DVD is better in quality
HD-DVD costs half BR does
BR is made by the company that made Betamax, UMD and Minidisc

HD-DVD sounds like the true follow up on DVD, so it's sooner in peoples mind. PC users will buy storage formats that are cheap in burners, so that's HD-DVD again. PC users are early adopters that show the way, so too bad. All pointers are towards a HD-DVD victory. End of BR, and so also a non standard drive in your beloved PSZero

Enjoy that for 600 dollars, where BR is the main cost driver, where a gamers console CPU/GPU should be the main cost driver in my humble opinion

bernie5393d ago

Reading comparision reviews from the USA, they all have the HD DVD format ahead of bluray in terms of quality (no picture cropping or Sound quality issues with the HD DVD format).
I, like most people will obviously go for HD DVD but the Xbox360 drive will have to be cheap otherwise most of us will go for a stand alone HD DVD player.

atomheart5393d ago

HD-DVD blows everything else away. There is NO way I will plunk down 600 bucks for an unproven device.

xeon1215393d ago

To be honest i couldnt give a crap about hd-dvd or bluray its just all buzz to try ship more consols.
my 360 plays normall dvd on my 48'inch dlp tv just fine till they stop making normall dvd witch wont happen ill stick with that instead of shelling out 400 beans so my picture looks more shiny

agent8645393d ago

Xbox360 Premium + HD-DVD likely price $599 (or more)
Sony 60GB = $599
BluRay Drive > DVD Drive for game asset storage
60G HDD > 20G HDD plus upgrades much cheaper
Free Online < $50 / year or $250 over 5 years.
Built in HDMI 1.3 port
Quiet as PS2 Slimline
So its a matter of preference. The Bluray consortium will release some better authoring tools so that movie quality will meet or surpass that of HD-DVD.
I think the main advantage is using the extra 15G - 40G of storage on the Bluray disc for game code and game assets.
I have a 360 and I like it a lot. I like the controller better than the PS2 controller. If the PS3 is better then I can't wait.

agent8645393d ago

802.11b/g included vs $100 add on adapter

So the 360 is cheaper to get into but will rake you with add on features if you end up wanting them. So you do have a choice, and choice is good, a stripped down gaming rig that can be upgraded for a price or an all in one fully loaded system thats a better value in the long run.

agent8645393d ago

Xbox360 Premium + HDDVD Drive - $599 or more
PS3 20G - $499
BluRay Drive > DVD Drive for Game Code/Asset storage
20G HDD = 20G HDD (ps3 cheaper to upgrade)
Wireless controllers (1 with motion/tilt, 1 with force feedback)
99% backwards compat
Free online vs $250 online over 5 years

So if you are in the market for a HD movie player and a game machine the PS3 20G is a better value.

Again, if you don't want those features and most likely wont upgrade then the Xbox360 may be the way to go. It also comes down to what games you want as well. People will most likely buy a system because they want to play a certain game. PS3 will offer a greater depth and breadth of games than the 360, although they may retail at a higher price point. Which could end up wiping out any long term cost advantages. I guess we'll wait and see.

bernie5393d ago

HD DVD has the better quality and you have no choice but to get Bluray with sony's machine.
So with PS3 you're left with an inferior quality HD option and a drive that bumps the price up on the console (whether you wanted it or not)

agent8645393d ago

Certainly the Bluray drive is better than a DVD drive for games. You cant play games off the HD-DVD drive. Bigger disc means more/better in-game assets, larger worlds, etc. Bluray also supports a feature called BD-live.
At this point HD-DVD movies do look better than Bluray but that could change. For now Bluray movies are MPEG-2 but they will be MPEG-4 in the future. Its too early to tell. Its funny because the cheapest next gen movie format is a bluray player included with the purchase of the PS3 at $499. So like VHS it is (at least at first) a slightly inferior format (which will improve and overtake HD-DVD) that is cheaper and more acessible than its more expensive counterpart, the Xbox360 with HD-DVD add on.

Daewoodrow5393d ago

the only part of the 20gb PS3 that's upgradable is the hard drive. Never compare the tard version to the full version on either side.

The thing is, you neglected to mention that I, for example, have no wifi connections in my house, have not been impressed by either of the HD formats, and my "HDTV" is a computer monitor. Maybe you can dig up figures that say upgrading my 360 will make it cost the same as your PS3 will, but that doesn't mean I plan on upgrading. The operative element here is CHOICE.

agent8645393d ago

you do have a choice. but if you choose to upgrade your 360 to the level of features that is comparable to a PS3 you end up paying more. You may not want and/or need any or all of those features.

And in terms of games you will never be able to upgrade a 360 to play games off of next-gen media discs. Whether or not that is a factor in better games has yet to be seen.

Daewoodrow5393d ago

I don't want to play games off a next gen disk format. Why pay more money per game and get a more expensive console just so the developers can make their games more inefficiently. As long as developers use up to date compression techniques, there is NO reason why DVD should be exhausted this gen, and even if it should be exhausted, will your world come crashing down if you have to switch disks?

Bozworth5393d ago

Wait just a minute. How do you know that the hd-dvd add on cannot be used for game playback? The only thing said in that regard was that they did not have plans to use it for that right now because the experts (not some idiot in a forum) have said that the extra space is not even needed right now. Even the biggest game out right now, Oblivion, only used 6 of the 9GB of space on the standard dvd. The expert programmers have said that what takes up all the space is fmv which they are not using because the in game engine works great and produces a similar quality image now so they can save the room that way. But I want to know how you know that the hd-dvd drive cannot be used for game playing if microsoft decides to use it for that?

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ghostface5393d ago

How do you know if bluray is inferior in the PS3. only time will tell, not your opinion.

BIadestarX5393d ago

Because every study/review indicates that. The people saying that HD-DVD is better are not only the ones that made it (unlike blu-ray) it's everyone else including the ones that have no gain by lying.

Mr Bubbles5393d ago

Until the PS3 is released, all of these comparisons are pure speculation (not to mention somewhat biased).

1)Nobody knows how "free" the online service is going to be for ps3 until we see it in action. Somebody has to foot the bill to keep millions of people connected on game servers. Hey if it does turn out to be free and smooth, great- but I wouldn't bet the farm on it yet.

2)The cheaper HD upgrades argument is also speculation until we have concrete numbers from both camps.

3)The wireless ethernet argument is also a somwhat arbitrary bit of filler. Most people could get away with installing their wireless router near their console and running an ethernet cable to the xbox. After all, it's much cheaper to buy a wireless USB adapter ($20) for your other computer(s) than to buy an xbox specific adapter ($100).

Now to offer some of my own speculation... another trade off may be the read speed of games in the BR format vs DVD. Current specs seem to be greatly in favor of DVD on this. Hopefully load times on the PS3 won't suffer because of this. Incidently, does anyone know if the first gen cross-platform games on PS3 will even be on BR discs? Seems unnecessary if the cheaper DVDs will hold the game content.

agent8645393d ago

all ps3's come standard with HDD which will reduce load times significantly.

agent8645393d ago

are on BD discs as standard.

agent8645393d ago

sony has stated that online will be free. This service will include comparable services provided by XBL including matchmaking and ranking. Publishers are free to add their own services on top of the basic ones and decide whether to charge for the add ons. So Sony is giving developers and publishers a choice and also gamers a greater choice as to what level of online service to provide/purchase. But I guess that choice is bad when Sony offers it but it is good when Microsoft offers it.

Aramis0015393d ago

I seriously doubt that Sony will have anything close to Live. The PS2's online service was a joke, and I don't think this one will be too much better. I thought I heard that each developer would have to put up thir own servers is this true?

Mr Bubbles5393d ago

But the read speed affects how quickly you get the game content onto the HDD in the first place. THAT's the load time I'm talking about.

In a few months, I'm sure someone will do a side by side race with a cross-platform game to see which system has the advantage there.

agent8645393d ago

speculation followed by rumour. Sony provides the online infrastructure incl servers, publishers are free to use it or augment it with their own. Basic services are free, added content can be free or can be charged. Suffice it to say that Sony's free online will offer more than Silver XBL. Whether it will approach or be comparable to Gold XBL is yet to be seen.

agent8645393d ago

1) Agreed. Sony will cover some of the cost with paid content, whether or not they end up making money on it is another question. Sony Online Entertainment is providing the infrastructure, with Everquest under their belt I'm sure it will run smoothly. As long as SOE don't interfere with game development like they ruined Star Wars Galaxies Sony PNP should be a fine service. But you're right, to some extent it is speculation and we won't know for sure until after Nov 17.

2) Agreed. One can find prices of 2.5 drives now but can't compare to any offerings from Msoft

3) True, a lot of people won't need the wireless. I don't, I already have a bridge. But why does Msoft charge $100 for theirs when cheap USB adapters are $20? Also, these cheap adapters will work with the PS3 20G according to Sony.

agent8645393d ago

3) This point is only valid if your A/V setup is in a room close to where your DSL or Cable Modem is located. You will still have to run a wire from the mode to your wireless router, and if your AV setup is in a room that is not adjacent to where the modem is located you will have to run a wire to your router if you locate the router in your AV room. Now you could poke some holes in your walls and run that wire through the walls but how many people are going to do that.... and the wire isn't cheap either.

So my comparison stands mostly that for the same price of $599 (which is speculation until the price of the HD-DVD add on is revealed of which I highly doubt it will be less than $149) you're getting a higher level of free online service, a wireless adapter, a larger, standardized, hard drive, a better/larger (if slightly slower on first load) game disc format, better backwards compatibility to a larger library of games, etc. We as consumers win because we can decide if these added features are worth the all inclusive price or if we want a lower entry price with potentially more expensive upgrades later on.

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