Conduit 2 fact sheet released - new details revealed

Set moments after the explosive finale of The Conduit, Agent Michael Ford finds himself thrust once again into the machinations of the sinister and enigmatic John Adams and his Trust organization. After uncovering and partially thwarting Adam’s fabricated alien invasion, Ford and the alien entity Prometheus set out to end the Trust’s control in an adventure spanning the globe. New and improved weapons and enemies, competitive modes playable both online and in the same room via splitscreen make the follow-up to the best shooter on the Wii a can’t miss experience.

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Rrobba2967d ago

This game is looking better and better! A huge improvement from the original:

-Improved graphics
-Improved customizable controls
-Longer story
-Better narrative
-New currency system
-Boss battles
-More weapons
-More multiplayer levels
-Split-Screen co-op added
-Split-Screen competitive added
-MotionPlus support
-Improved audio quality
-More collectables
-More artwork
-Customizable character
-New interactive cinematics
-Support for Classic Controller

The list of improvements goes on...

Shoko2967d ago

Bout time more info was released! Now that the engine is done, they're able to do all tons of shit lol.

Rrobba2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Yea, their main problem last time was they really needed to build the engine itself. Now that it's done, the whole team and all the money can go straight to gameplay, graphics and other enhancements.

CoffeewithChess2966d ago

The one engine I wanted to see used again, was the original Red Steel's engine.

It needed some work, but interactivity/destruction with the environments in the game was done really least I thought so.

I hope Conduit 2 has better destructible environments; the first had very static environments.

Active Reload2966d ago

That would be the Unreal 2 engine that was utilized by the first Red Steel.

DethRob642966d ago

Good Awesome Gameplay comes to Thoes who wait

DethRob642966d ago

Good Awesome Gameplay comes to Thoes who wait
Hope High voltage add these Improvements to the Grinder as well please

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The story is too old to be commented.