White House Blames Playstation as a Cause for Obesity

Winners of the Let's Move blog contest for the causes of childhood obesity are in. And it blames Sony's Playstation brand has one of the causes.

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A Cupcake for Gabe2964d ago

Mr .President you just approved 96 more weeks available for unemployment to the American people. How about making some jobs so people can get up and get moving instead of sitting around and collecting a check. Just a thought.

BTW, PS3 is getting DDR in one month....Time to get fit!!!

ThanatosDMC2964d ago

It only does obesity!

You really can use the PS3 as a scapegoat because it really only does everything!

Sarick2964d ago

The new controllers are named Move.


One would think that means something athletic ^.~ I'm sure it'll be just as capable of making people sweat to.

Maybe they want Sony to give us controllers to do this. See video >>

PS3XBOX360WII2964d ago

playstion move gets me up and moving

MrAwesome2964d ago

Ppl should just blame themselves I play Playstation 3-5 hours a day and still go to the gym and jog( I am very health and not overweight)

a08andan2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I work out at the gym aswell, 4 times a week, building muscles :) If you exercise you will need less sleep, you will have more energy when you wake up, you can focus for longer periods etc. And tnx to all this you get more out of when you're gaming :)

@Karlowa, I totally agree with you. Its all about the lifestyle and diet. I eat at fastfood resturants like once every two months, except for the times when I go in and buy 1 cheeseburger which I do like once a month. And I am also an hardcoregamer and tech enthusiast :) Just love all new technology :)

As I said above, if u exercise regularly you will get more out from all the other activities you do during the day. And you get horny as hell to, at least my sex-drive was affected drastically lolz.

So go out or go to the gym and get some exercise. You will get even more time for gaming :)

karlowma2964d ago

It's all about diet and lifestyle. In the past 30 years, the amount of physical activity required to accomplish our day-to-day tasks has fallen through the floor. Inexpensive vehicular transport, television remotes, fast food & convenience stores, the internet... Also, the things (and portion sizes) that we eat have changed drastically. People are trading healthy choices for convenient ones several times a day.

I am a hardcore gamer and tech enthusiast, but still find the time to work out about an hour every day, and I dine on "fast food" maybe twice a month. To blame technology is a means of deflecting attention from the REAL problem:

People are LAZY!

How about some incentive for young people to enroll in sports and other activities? What about breaks for people who choose to live healthy lifestyles? People today are only motivated by financial means, so if that's what it takes, then make it so. Insurance premiums should be jacked for the intentionally unhealthy so that the rest of us can save. Audit people's grocery bills! Start a cigarette smoker's registry! Charge a "fat tax" at McDonald's!

Denethor_II2964d ago

"I play Playstation 3-5 hours a day"

You're a great man, I salute you. *wipes tear*

ChickeyCantor2964d ago

"3-5 hours a day"
I hate you.

jeeves862964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I love people who comment on these articles just to proclaim how fit they are, if only to stroke their ego. If everyone was as fit as they claim, the US/world would not have an obesity epidemic now, would it?

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madao2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Citation 1 White House taks force on child obesity 2010 is only referenced for supporting the claim "1 in 4 < 2 yrs old have TV in their room" on that chart.

The inclusion of Playstation in this chart is a typical example of taking correlation as causation. Citation 6 is Sony's press release on number of units sold, NOT scientific study on playing Playstation leads to obesity.

This whole thing is a beat up.

Schobeleth2964d ago

Of all game consoles in that era, they blame the Playstation. Free press here we come!

FuturePerfect2964d ago

I can't eat more than one PS3 a day :D

Trey_4_life2964d ago

LOL bubbles +1 for being funny

Megaton2964d ago

Yeah, it's the PlayStation that shoves junk food in your mouth while you game. Always looking for a scapegoat, and gaming is a classic stand-by.

fatstarr2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

its a nice info chart though.

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mushroomwig2964d ago

The United States government blames PlayStation, I blame parents. After all, it's their responsibility.

MagicAccent2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I blame the parents. After all, it's their inferior genome spawn.

tdogg060519912964d ago

Or when the Snes was launched or when the n64 was launched. Hey PlayStation was and is not the defacto gaming console btw.

dredgewalker2964d ago

Blame one gets fat eating consoles.

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scar202964d ago

I'ts the peoples fault for being fat y cant they play a few hours a day and then go exercise outside for awhile its not gonna hurt you.

DarkFantasy2964d ago

OutSide Bad. Sun Scary. It's Not My Friend. It Wants To Hurt Me

Myst2964d ago

What about the fast food chains? Parents? Playgrounds? Hell I was out joking with my friends one day saying "This campus needs a playground" because literally this town has none. I feel sorry mainly for the kids because they pretty much have nowhere to play. Playstation is one of the solutions of relieving that bored feeling, watching TV is another. With a variety of other local politicians refusing to put in a budget for playgrounds, swimming pools and the like. I can see how easy it is to turn the blame over to something else.

Also don't get me started on what some people call parenting...

-Alpha2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

They blame fast food too. Just because the headline reads what it does doesn't mean that it is wrong.

PlayStation DID contribute to people gaining weight. So did fast food, lack of exercise, poor diets, etc.

This is a gaming website that will make the headlines appeal to gamers. The actual information in the link is much bigger than just blaming games.

However, to think games DON'T cause obesity is just wrong. They do. A lot of things do.

KillerPwned2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Games do cause it but the government is bluntly pointing out that it is just games and that is it. So you are completely right i agree. Bubbles but alpha has lotz of bubbles can we add more O.o

Myst2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Oh I saw that I am one of the few that reads the article, but to blatantly put it as the headline is certainly something that brings to question. Why have a study in the first place.

Yes I do know it causes obesity if it does indeed not supervised, what I don't get is how the Playstation brand can cause the most. I may have missed it after taking another look [playing L4D at the same time], but I do not see Playstation brand on the static, nor did I see it when I went back to the post.

So for one to say Playstation did contribute yes I will agree but what about the 360, PC, I can't really say Wii all to much...but look at the rest of the consoles and perhaps some handhelds, they all contribute.

Also come on Alpha look around some towns - walk into a Ghetto, do you really see anything else to do? Heck when I visit my grandmother there is NOTHING to do and that place is the oldest town I know having not changed since the civil war many of the buildings are still there from that era. What do they have there exactly? A small park and basketball court. No one plays there, reason being it's dilapidated. I used to go down there and play, but with no one else going because things are falling apart there is nothing for me to do but listen to music, draw, and play games.

@Alpha [edit] - Never mind it was the credit url that stated it.

Edit @ Shunnups -
I don't see why you'd get disagree when agreeing with mine which can in fact be correlated to the topic at hand. Strange things afoot!

MorganX2964d ago

Consuming more calories than you burn causes obesity. Nothing else.

Sarick2964d ago

It depends on the type of video games and what we eat. When I wet to the arcades and ate out fast food etc 4-5 times a week I was so much thinner.

Arcades in shoping malls where a lot more active.

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spunnups2964d ago

Good Post, and you sir, are 100% correct.

Gabe EatsWell2964d ago

WTF? Fake. My younger brother Newell lost 20 lbs. after he started working on the PS3 version of Portal 2. FAKE!!! :P

Harry1902964d ago

who you were previously, but I predict a great future for you.

That was golden.

Gabe EatsWell2964d ago

I am me. Gabe Eatswell. This is my original username ever since I joined. :)