GT5: Ferrari 458 Italia in Action

A new video of Gran Turismo 5 shows gameplay footage of Ferrari´s 458 Italia. Track is Nürburgring Nordschleife.

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TrevorPhillips3055d ago

I love this game and I love this car, it was shown on Topgear :)

cobraagent3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Here is the vid. Can't wait to beat the stig's lap time

TrevorPhillips3055d ago

Thanks for the video lad :)

ProjectVulcan3055d ago

GT5 will be so realistic when you park up the 458 will ignite :-)

Crazyglues3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

-thank you for that video...that made my day..

Bubbles for you my friend... I enjoyed that video so much - I laughed until it hurt when he said he wouldn't even care if that car ate off one of his legs... 8:54 -...LoL

Whatever they are paying him, it's not enough because no other site reviews cars like these guys.. this is the best car show on the -TV/net just anywhere because they really do an outstanding job...

If you didn't want to buy a Ferrari 458i before watching this video I bet you do now (Never mind if you can afford it, that's another story)

But this was just a blast, I love you Top Gear -you guys are the best. Thanks for posting that cobraagent..

Just an epic video....


SasanovaS19873055d ago

gt5 so realistic, they had to recall the ingame models of every 458, and patch them with new code, due to fire hazards

Immortal3213055d ago

and to think I'm only going to pay $60 for gt5 whole package, while the others are paying for dlc and still no where near gt4.

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manfurismo3055d ago

Ferrari would have never let PD do that

MGRogue20173055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I love the Motion Blur in GT5.. It's unlike anything I've seen in any other racing game out there

You can't quite see it in this video but.. there is a Unbelievable sense of speed.

cobraagent3055d ago

so you don't have to give hits to this german site. I ask the submitter to embed it

sackgirl3055d ago

This jwplayer is a piece of shit, why not use the original youtube embed?

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The story is too old to be commented.