Destructiod: Outland is going to be a big deal

Outland was first presented to me as a kind of consolation prize. I had an appointment to see Child of Eden, the one and only Kinect title I could give a rat's ass about. Right before my date with the game, I got a sheepishly performed "Oh, Child of Eden? Yeah, we're not showing that anymore, but you could check out Outland? That's a new game we just announced today?" break-up call.

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rdgneoz33017d ago

Love Super Stardust and loved Ikaruga, this one should be interesting.

TheLastGuardian3017d ago

I haven't played either of those games but I love platformers and the art style looks great so I'm gonna keep my eye on this one. I still want to play super stardust but I haven't got a round to it.