Sniper Ghost Warrior performing in UK despite bad critic scores

ZG writes: Upon investigating for my own interest on how it is doing in the mainstream market in the UK, zombiegamer found that it is doing extremely well despite the uninspiring review scores. Sniper Ghost Warrior for the Xbox 360 was sitting at #3 this past week doing well (check source). A game that scored in the 40′s? Is the UK market less concerned with reviews? What’s different there? Or is it just a case of they know a good thing when they see it.

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PirateThom2966d ago

I think this game is like £10 in HMV at the moment, which may explain it.

lolzers2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Not according to this -

EDIT:Hmm, just noticed you posted over a day ago. May well have been the case then.

Fred-G-Sanford2965d ago

I played the demo on my PC and I had all I could do to stay awake (and I love FPS games).

I found it to be mediocre to the extreme, and probably wouldn't buy it even if it was dirt cheap.

I'm guessing that the sales would be much lower if they had made a demo available for the 360.

r0gueZA2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

right, thanks.

I didn't check HMV, but I found a general price of around 25pounds (discounted from 40), but here even when a seemingly bad game is discounted low... it still barely moves.

r0gueZA2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

here is the chart #2
and # 3 here, so how is this wrong?

Bodster2966d ago

After the patches that came out on PC it actually turned out to be a pretty decent game. I was certainly happy with it :)

Farsendor12965d ago

still have not picked this game up need to get this one. i don't care if it scored bad would still like to play it and its cheap

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The story is too old to be commented.