Killzone 3 Makers Run Into Unexpected Challenges Going 3-D

At the PAX video game conference taking place in Seattle this weekend, MSNBC had a chance to play a bit of "Killzone 3" in 3-D as well as chat with Steven Ter Heide, senior producer at Guerrilla Games.

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Poseidon2992d ago

lets hope these challenges are fixed asap. i bought a 32' 3dtv for killzone 3 and i intend to use it.

HyperBear2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

do they even make 3D TVs that are 32". I thought the lowest screen size you could get for 3D TV was 40"?

Edit: I think in general, implementing 3D into this gen of video games is pretty useless and a waste of time. 3D is a very niche market, and the way Sony are telling their developers to create 3D processing for their games is kind of a waste of time, because it only appeal to those 5-10 thousand (or so) people who own 3D TVs. I think Sony should have spent more time integrating 3D into the homes and cable TV first, then by the time PS4 comes around, and millions of people own 3D sets, then push 3D like theres no tomorrow. I just think Guerrilla could spend way more time on creating a great shooter experience, then deal with 3D. Thats just my 2 cents..

Edit #2: Ahh, cool. I did not know they had AMOLED 3D tvs that range from 15"-32". Thanks for the link Poseidon.

DrDreadlox2992d ago

And that means that GG is burdened with the humongous task of smashing boundaries every time. Before KZ2, there were plenty of fanboys claiming that ps3 could not outdo the Xbox (even if it had already). There were lots of talk that KZ2 would not match the target and yea GG shut up all the naysayers.

So yea with Sony pushing 3D and Move, how could it's flagship title not include these features? Watch how many KZ fans go out and buy a 3DTV just for the ultimate experience.

morganfell2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Is anyone genuinely surprised at this write up? There are a total of 3 sentences in the article which are not a direct part of either a negative comment or else describing the impossible challenges facing Guerrilla Games.

As I stated there is little shock at the overall tone of this piece. It is PMSNBC we are discussing. Their history of inventing issues with the PS3 and it's respective titles is no mystery, that much is sure. their only goal is to locate some small scrap of information which can be waved about in a negative light. I guess the continual hoisting of a white flag is killing their fashion sense.

karl2992d ago

i know i will buy one.. i just need some time to get the money...
and make a few sacrifice ... like jumping a few meals.. selling my car.
i dont know .. maybe ill quit college .. but it will be worth it if i
can burn my eyes dry .. playing this game..

Conloles2991d ago

They probably realised it looked like crap because they couldn't even do subpar HD, (PC the only true 1080P 3D platform)

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Imperator2992d ago

KZ3 is gonna be epic. I really hope I have a 3D TV by then.

hakis862992d ago

from Samsung - so yeah I hope they find a solution =)

TheBand1t2992d ago

42 inch Panasonic plasma and I sure as hell ain't upgrading to 3D anytime soon

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lonix2992d ago

And you won't find a new tv that isn't 3d ready

treereet2992d ago

How about just doing what vanquish does. Get rid of the annoying blood splatter and just go into bullet time when low on health. The player knows they are in trouble and they are given help rather than being hindered by crap all over the screen.

kneon2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

That would be ok in single player but you can't use that method in multiplayer. Putting you in slow motion while everyone else isn't certainly would not be any help :)

squallheart2992d ago

cant wait to play this on my 65 3d tv i love killzone!!!

Kevin McCallister2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Most of us only own an HDTV now (or bought one earlier than planned) so that we could fully utilize PS3 and 360's HD capabilities. Can't believe they're expecting folks to buy yet another TV within a 4 year timespan of the console's release.

OneSneakyMofo2992d ago

Yup, I spent quite a crap load on my 46 incher plasma, and I don't expect another one for at least five more years.

claterz2992d ago

Maybe Sony should have warned us when the PS3 was released that 3D was coming so we could start saving up lol.

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