Readers respond to our Sony in trouble article(IGN):Agreements, disagreements, and more

Take a look at some of the comments made in regards to the IGN feature about Sony and there various troubles.

Click the link to see just a handful of mails sent to IGN....

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TheMART5393d ago

Now that's the Truth it appears if people are starting to get sane slowly

THE TRUTH5393d ago

I found it to be a very interesting read

Scythesean5393d ago

My thoughts are getting tired of waiting, and tired of hearing nothing new that's good. I've been waiting for the PS3 for a few years now ever since they announced it was in development. I have talked great things about it even though I can't see it or hold it, I have bashed the other systems just to help make it sound better. The sad thing is I'm tired so very tired of getting nothing for this loyalty to a system that seems to be losing not only it's footing but the very ground it's stumbbling on. I'm a PS Fan and I have had both ps1 and ps2 I wanted a ps3 so bad I could taste it.

I have been wanting to wait for the release to see if I should get it or not but as of lately I have been swaying to get a dare I say 360. I'm tired of my ps2 and I see so many new games coming out soon and I hate that fact that I can't wait a few more months but Sony is pissing me off. I'm sick of them telling us stuff and then seeing something else. It's like there are telling us believe what we show not what we say.

I have many friends with 360's and I hate that I can't join in the fun with them and play games with them, the PS3 Price well has been one of my biggest concerens and the fact that they keep losing developers or games are getting put on the back burn.

Online play is attracting me to the 360 even with the $50 a year service even if the ps3 is supposed to be almost free.

What to do what to do, I want the ps3 for it's Final Fantasy and MGS games but the 360 has many games that look fun and they seem to be getting many of the PS's excluisvie titles. Assasins Creed is coming out for it even I must admit I wanted the PS3 for this game too.

Sony is D!cking around and it's getting old I will decide soon but I just felt like saying that sony is starting to lose another fanboy and it's because of their BS and Wasting my time.


Jak4ever5393d ago

What do u guys think the Console War numbers will look like in two years? I say 60/40/20 S/MS/N

BIadestarX5393d ago

You are where I was a few months ago. I was a hardcore Sony fan. I never even played the first XBox. I decided to dive the 360 a shot and I don't regret it. I invite everyone to try it on their own; specially XBox live. I may still buy a PS3 since I am a Metal Gear fan, but my XBox 360 already earned its spot on my living room. I can only hope that the PS3 online service and games are as good as the 360.

The Snake5392d ago

60/40/20 adds up to 120%.

urbanguy065393d ago

First let me say I am not rich, I am middle class. Playstation 3 is exspensive to me! My car note and insurance total $650 a month, I dont the choose to buy one lightly. What Sony reps say about "percieved value" does not get enough credit! Just look at the I-Pod; I think everyone knows there are better (MUCH LESS EXSPENSIVE)mp3 players on the market, but people still shell out $400 bucks for it. WHY? Because they value the style, the status that comes with it. Lexus runs a billboard here(Houston) for the ls series sedan with a tagline that reads "A Strong Want is a Justifiable Need". Why? Because everyone knows that when you want something bad enough money, nothing else matters! I wasnt that big on games, I most certainly would be considered casual by anyone here on this site, but I see value in the PS3! I have PS2(since release) and have never had trouble with it. The image quality on it is better than my compomnent dvd players(thats impressive). Its been a wonderful product. As everyone knows PS3 will include Blue-Ray. Dont right this off as small potatoes. My PSP I use faithfully, but not mostly for games, but music, pictures, and movies(UMD is wonderful, the image is astounding! Anyone who doesnt think so has never looked at one in play. The PSP struggles because the machine was built to be multi-media but was not properly marketed as such. Sony left avertising up to the children who adopted the format early,but did very little to inform the public themselves. This is why they are pushing the PS3 as a computer so that this does not happen again. So that people understand what they are getting for $600 dollars.) What struck me was that the PSP delivered on the hardware, and thats all I could ask. Its not their fault movie studios want to release "Bring it On" on umd then bi_ch because it wont sell! Playstation 3 has the potential to replace alot of components in my living room because of its multi-media functions. This is "value". To me the brilliance(highly overlooked) of the PS3 is the connection with the PSP and I hope they see this! Location free included on the PS3 IS NO SMALL THING. For those of you who dont know what that is, its like everything saved on your hardrive beamed into cyberspace and you can access it with your PSP in a hotzone anywhere worldwide! One word-BRILLIANT! You could access your photos, music, games, etc, etc, I could go on and on but when you compare PS3 and 360 side by side with features there is no comparison. Maybe not for you, but for me its worth every penny. And one more question? So many claim that the 360 is a success, but with so many gamers worldwide who have not yet jumped on the badwagon I cant help but wonder what they are waiting for? Perhaps PS3? With the Millions and millions sold, if the general public saw the 360 as the true next generation platform they would have made the move by now dont you all think? Especially after Sonys poor e3 showing? I think like me they know the next generation starts with Sony and the Playstation 3 and I cant wait!!!.....and another thing: anyone who says I was gonna get a PS3 but now based on "nothing" I think I will now get 360 is full of dung! I cant imaging having "descided" on a $600 purchase and then going "uh, never mind"!lol!


"Sony left avertising up to the children who adopted the format early,but did very little to inform the public themselves."

yes, thats sonys quality marketing at work! Gametime is their PR rep...

Jak4ever5393d ago

Dude you are so right. I am also a huge Sony fan, buuut Xbox has way to much to offer this time around, developers seem to be supporting it more than before (Sony has not made a good impression), I could not resist, and I do not regret it (Ms did make a good impression). However My plan is still to sell my Xbox and get a Ps3 (if it pans out well).

slugg5391d ago

"Badwagon" "descided"? Perhaps you are and average, uneducated adult. If people are waiting for the PS3, the severe shortage this year and into next will make some diehard Sony Playstation fans go the 360 route, since a lot of good games will be on both systems and the good PS3 exclusives are a ways off. Waiting forever for a system you can barely afford and then can't find to buy when it does come out has a way of making people reconsider their options. Couple that with the undeniably awesome game line up that will be available by next summer for the 360, including awesome launch titles at greatest hit prices, and I can see droves of former "Playstation" fans... Jumping IN!

colser19715391d ago

OK, so everyone is cribing on about the price right now. I live in Ireland, and when the PS2 reared its head we paid £480.00 for the privilege. that equates to @ €609.00, so why the cribbing. yes the PS2, which is still running, has been used by more than myself. has been a superb buy. i look forward to the PS3, yes i am worried, but not by the price. should i be worried baout the fact Atari don't want to develope for it, maybe, but i have it pre-booked.

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THELANDSOFSAND5393d ago (Edited 5393d ago )

all i know is that my brother-in-law, who is a hardcore sony fanboy came over to my house this weekend, and the Saints Row demo left him crushed over his PS3.

"whoa this game is sick!! is this game coming to the playstation??!"

"nope, its 360 exclusive"

"awwwwww. DAMN IT. okay, I'm gonna HAVE to get 360. PS3 is too expensive anyway"

"okay, dude, i'm buying saints row at the end of the month"

True conversation. And this guy lives and dies for playstation! He's also a hardcore gamer...

specialguest5393d ago (Edited 5393d ago )

there's nothing wrong with getting more than one console. chances are, he'll still buy a PS3 later when the price drops. aside from the hardcore fanboys, no one on the Sony side truely thinks the 360 is a bad console.

the reason why we haven't bought one yet is because we haven't seen any games we would die for. your brother-in-law on the other hand, experienced Saint's Row and that won him over.

THELANDSOFSAND5393d ago (Edited 5393d ago )

yeah, he has said if the 360 was a sony playstation he would have bought one already!


games do make peoples minds up though. its interesting to watch... one of the reasons i wanted 360 was for oblivion

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