Project Sword wows on iOS devices

DigitalFoundry writes: Epic's Project Sword, the star of last night's Apple press conference, is the first Unreal Engine 3-powered game for the iOS platform, and what many believe is a quantum leap in the quality of 3D visuals running on Apple's handheld devices.

Little has been seen of the iOS rendition of UE3 since the initial reveal, where an old Unreal Tournament level was demonstrated running on an iPhone 3GS. Back at GDC 2010, we attended a session where Epic's Josh Adams described the process by which the development framework was ported across to the platform, how it integrated with Apple's XCode and how artwork and lighting were convincingly downsampled to run effectively on the system.

iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPhone 4 owners can get their first taste of Project Sword and Unreal Engine 3 running on their systems by visiting iTunes now, or alternatively you can check out our screenshot gallery plus the video after the jump.

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