Casual Difficulty: Do Games Need Stories?

Just like controller complexity has alienated a large part of the population, so have the outlandish science-fiction storylines. But rather than ditching narrative altogether, casual genres like mini-game collections and social games rely instead on a sense of setting - a farm, outer space, a carnival, a kitchen, a tropical resort, a yoga studio, a suburban neighborhood, etc. - but not necessarily on plot.

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hatchimatchi3017d ago

"It’s distinctly possible that games just aren’t very good at telling stories."

Has this guy played any games within the last 15 years? Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Ocarina of Time, Silent Hill 2, Mass Effect, etc.

Mmmkay3017d ago

who needs stories when you get steroid space-marines in brown and gray. and sequels. more sequels....

il-mouzer3017d ago

there's a different kind of narration, I teach graphic design and one thing I tell my students is that an image can tell as much story if not even more than a movie or a book if designed well.

Each medium has it's own approach, videogames happen to be very complex - HL2 achieved a huge powerful story through it's minimal yet effective narration, Blizzard set standards in terms of storytelling with it's diversity and lore, I can keep on going, games like Mass Effect, Final Fantasy - I guess it all depends on the narration, pace of story telling and not having a huge cliché after another

hatchimatchi3017d ago

I think most people forget that film and novels are just as cliche as games. For every, 'The Road' there is a 'twilight' and for every 'The Good The Bad and the Ugly' there is a 'Chairman of the Board'