Rumor: Sony to combat PSJailbreak by removing dev and debug modes on new PS3's

MaxConsole writes: I have heard from a good source about Sony's next move to combat the PS3 hack (from an Australian source).

You can find out what the source said, after the jump.

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Pandemic2967d ago

Hopefully this is true, it'll teach those people that attempt to jailbreak a Sony console a lesson.

Pandemic2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

It's stupid to see people pirating games that developers and staff have put their hard work towards.

Why not support the companies/developers that support our gaming requirements and needs?

deadreckoning6662967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

"Why not support the companies/developers that support our gaming requirements and needs?"

Probably because the economy is in the shit and people want to entertain themselves without spending too much. I don't promote pirating games, but I can understand why people would do it. If people aren't going to pirate games, they can EASILY pirate tv shows, music, movies, and PPVs from the PS3's Internet Browser.

"Pirates are the scum of the video game industry as well as other industries. I have zero respect for them and if anything bad happens to them, they deserve it 100%."

Woah dude..thats pretty harsh.

morganfell2967d ago

Then I guess the lesson here is think before you vote.

WengYong2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I for one have never played pirated games. My movies have been proper versions, from DVD and now especially with BluRay. After experiencing HD goodness I cant buy DVDs.

I see what you are getting at though, and I think a lot of people are hurt at the fact that PS3 has been hacked. Even so, to see people actually against piracy is awesome, whether they be butt hurt or not.

EDIT: Was meant for below

-Alpha2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )


"I think a lot of people are hurt at the fact that PS3 has been hacked."

This is what I'm generally getting at. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but I do think people have a particularly strong passion for the gaming industry, yet ironically, they will brush off pirating music, movies, etc. Like Dead said, a large majority of people DO pirate.

And linking what makidian and kingkiff said below, I think it's interesting that people have a "morality scale" when it comes to pirating.

I think that's wrong. Saying it's OK to steal from rich people and that stealing from the rich doesn't affect them much doesn't change the fact that you are STILL stealing.

There are many hardworking people who obtain things the honest way. Yes, gaming may not be as profitable to the devs as something like music making, but there are still many less popular musicians that people steal from, and again, it's still illegal/wrong. The principle here is that if one person can get away with it then we all out to be able to get away with it. I understand gaming may be more hurt by pirating... but does that make it any worse to steal? I mean, when I look at 360 piracy, I've never noticed much news/backlash, unless I'm wrong.

I find the whole thing rather hypocritical-- and I dont mean to get anyone offended. To be honest, I do obtain music illegally, have watched pirated movies, and even played pirated games with my Dreamcast (if I knew then that I was killing Sega I wouldn't have done it lol). I feel pretty upset about the PS3 piracy too, but I don't know if I have the right to be when I hypocritically steal myself.

zeeshan2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I really doubt Sony is going to do that. This doesn't make sense. If I send in my PS3 for repair or for any other reason how would they run it without entering the debug mode?

I guess the only way Sony could remove Dev/Debug mode from PS3 is by offering an extended warranty. This would ensure that consumers don't get screwed and Sony won't loose money. Not as much as they would if they let this piracy extravaganza run for ever.

I am sad to see PS3 being hacked and used for pirated games. Heck there are PS3 games ISO already on different file sharing websites so this thing is really getting out of hand, however, I would LOVE to see MKV support on PS3 and the ability to install Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox on my PS3. If only SONY could officially support MKV file format and come up with some type of partnership with Google 'cuz I think SONY + GOOGLE is an EPIC WIN for everybody!

evrfighter2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

keep your ps3 at 3.41 and when the new ps3's hit the shelves I'm sure you could get a good price on ebay.


It's probably alot of damaged pride. These are the same people laughing at Geohot and using the no-hacks as a bulletpoint in why ps3 is better. There's lots of damaged ego's now which is why you see people like Morganfell and PirateThom on damage control.

I remember saying way back when that nothing was unhackable. These people kept running their mouths and now look at it. high horse's galore here at n4g with these people trying to play the morals and ethics card.

raztad2967d ago

I dont totally get Alpha-Male point. Looking at what happened to the PSP is more than enough not to want the PS3 to be pirated. It shouldnt too hard to understand that PS3 (contrary to PS2) is not the leading platform by any means and massive piracy would hinder third party support. Obviously PS3 owners dont want that.

WengYong2967d ago

Totally understand your point. Stealing is stealing, it doesn't matter what people say. Its the same as a murderer; you murder one person or you murder 100. still a murdered. At least thats the way I look at it.

The easiest way for people to not be butt hurt about is dont use it. Dont play pirated hardware even though you have the choice to. That way atleast you can have a clear conscience

Rush2967d ago

I still laugh at people that believe pirating software is the same as stealing a car it's bloody stupid logic.

90 percent of people that pirate software would of never actually payed for the software in the first place. The industry for some moronic reason counts every piece of software pirated as a lost sale.

People that honestly believe that's the case are complete morons. Sure the pirate industry certainly doesn't help software sales but it doesn't hurt them as much as publishers like to pretend.

And when you pirate software your not stealing the original like when you take a car your simply making a copy. If you went up to a guy and asked to make a copy of his BMW hes going to be a lot less pissed then if you stole it.

Gilliand2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I highly disagree with your 90% of people who pirate wouldn't buy it. I believe that is completely BS. If those people are going to spend the time to download ~8 gigs or more they clearly have interest with the game. I don't go downloading ever demo on the PS store and I doubt few do.

While it would be stupid to say that no one actually pirates things that they wouldn't otherwise buy, it's probably at 10%.

Also for the whole car analogy is funny, because both stealing a car and copying something with a copywrite are both illegal even if one of those isn't physical.

morganfell2967d ago

"If you went up to a guy and asked to make a copy of his BMW hes going to be a lot less pissed then if you stole it."

I apparently missed the part where pirates have been approaching console manufacturers and publishers asking permission to pirate games.

smoothdude2967d ago

I just can't say how angry I am that people would do something like this to their PS3, however, I feel like a hypocrite because I have a PSP which is hacked.

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-Alpha2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Hopefully Sony gets things under control. I'm surprised to see how popular this Sony jailbreak is. Hasn't the 360 been jailbroken? What's the big deal with the PS3 other than that it was particularly hard? I've never seen such an outcry against pirating games by people than I have with the PS3 jailbreak, nor have I seen people so passionate about ridding it.

I find it interesting because I have little doubt that a vast majority of people offended have either obtained music, movies, videos, etc. illegally. I never noticed the media making a big deal with the 360's jailbreak, but the PS3's has been particularly interesting to observe. I don't understand-- are people just upset it's the PS3 that's been jailbroken, or have you people always felt this way about pirating? If so, have you ever pirated anything in your life? And if you have, why is this considered worse? Just probing the topic, I'm interested in what people think about this.

KingKiff2967d ago

Last time I wrote about 3 pages worth and lost all my bubbles in one day for trying to differentiate between pirating games and music and pirating OS's on PC's...

Makidian2967d ago

I think it's mostly because the PS3 was thought to be unhackable. I don't pirate games at all but I do download music occasionally as most people likely do. I am particularly disagreeable with console pirating simply because devs, as individuals or as a whole, don't make millions upon millions of dollars for making a game and live in mansions, drive super expensive cares, etc. Sure there are the rockstars of the development world (i.e. Kojima, Inafune, Nomura, etc.) but I don't think they get development contracts that make them, or anyone on their team, personal millionaires. That's how I feel about it, don't know about others.

I will say this though, if they thought the PS3 was hard to hack, the PS4 is likely going to be an impossible bitch to hack because you can bet your ass Sony is taking notes and wil make sure these steps can never be repeated. Hopefully Microsoft and Nintendo do the same.

tiamat52967d ago

The reason why no one made such a big a fuss about it is because Microsoft and Nintendo barely did anything to stop it. If they weren't concerned why should the gamers be. All they where thinking of is the stuff they would be getting rather then the fact that the system was now open to criminals and could easily be exploited. We who have PS3 have seen the results of what piracy can do and prefer not to watch Sony fight to stop them and concentrate on games and updating our gaming experiences.
I really don't get why everyone is so puzzled why we don't want this. Why does everyone assume everyone else is as corrupt as them.We know that Sony will survive but the gamers and developers will suffer as a result.I don't get why I shouldn't be against this. What, do you people feel so guilty that you have to put me down because i know wrong from right?

DrDreadlox2967d ago

Game developers only make their money from game sales. Movies make money from cinemas, and musicians make money whenever their song/ music is played on the radio, commercials or whatever.

And don't forget that these markets are mostly composed of casuals that probably have no idea how to download free music or movie torrents. No wonder the console makers are pushing for the casual market since apparently many of the core users would rather not pay for games.

tiamat52967d ago

Makidian that is a well thought out answer. I myself have never brought pirated games or movies or used torrents but I admit when I was younger I pirated one or two tunes myself.Sony will survive this but developers who make only a certain amount of money will pay dearly for this.I don't see why anyone else can't see this. Movies and music make hundreds of millions of dollars despite piracy. Besides you people do realize that the other hacks were just as bad as this? The other hacks were no more or less wrong then the PS3 one. We PS3 owners would prefer Sony concentrate on making games and streamlining our gaming experiences not stopping hackers and thieves.Why is that so wrong?

Christopher2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

For me the intriguing part of this is the theft of internal code that was used to make something that still hasn't been proven to give someone access to the source code... what is required to make an actual 'Jailbreak' application. It rubs me the wrong way, much like how say hacking is editing an XML file that is openly available for editing.

I'm intrigued to see the result of Sony's suits as well as what they will do with the next firmware update. I don't think the source code has been accessed, just that the code for the current firmware has been released and people are able to modify the code to piggy-back other programs onto it to run off of it with the proper compiling and reference modifications.

And, yeah, I think I'm one of the very few out there who has never pirated anything. Never even installed a torrent app on a machine even. But, that's not to say that all who use them use them for the wrong reasons. I know a friend of mine gets a lot of his friends and others writings from torrent sites, distributed by the authors openly.

Ri0tSquad2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

the "big deal" is 360 has been a pirated console for 4 years now and it took hackers close to 4 years to pirate PS3. That's 4 years of fake hacks, some iPhone hacker douche that failed and lied to everyone, and now some hacker thieves that cloned Sony's tool - lol, how impressive. But who would want piracy on their console? Only those who plan to pirate the games. The people who want to support the developer are the ones who are against this. That's what I think.

-Alpha2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

bubbles+ to everyone here, nice discussion :)


My biggest fear is Sony having to shut down studios, etc. Like what happened with Sega.

However, I don't think it's also fair to justify stealing movies, music, etc. JUST because they make more than game developers. Firstly, regardless of how much money someone makes, me stealing something is still a crime against people who buy things the honest way.

Also, what if Sony's studios were particularly wealthy? What if piracy wouldn't affect them as much either because they sold so many copies or because piracy was minimal? Would it then be OK to pirate just like it is justifiable to do so with Music/movies?

I notice that u didn't directly say it's OK to steal movies, etc. but people do seem to justify music stealing with "it doesn't make a difference if I steal or not because they are rich anyway"

DrDreadlox2967d ago

I don't know man, it's a difficult issue. piracy hurts all industries but it does have a more damaging effect on the gaming. I can't say that I don't ever pirate anything. I don't care so much for modern music but some of the old school stuff can be hard to get legitimately. I do try to support my local artists whenever I can though. As for movies, I buy whenever I can but I have to admit I have more copies that originals.

What worries me the most is the attitude of some of the so called gamers in here that seems to have no problems hurting the industry they love so much.

RedSky2967d ago

Watching fanboys justify away their hypocrisy.

Nothing could be funnier!

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sikbeta2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Well, no surprise here, it was a matter of time, you don't f*ck with Sony, the backup manager is awkward and doesn't worth when you know you need a big-ass HDD, the original copy of the game, if you run out of space, an external HDD formated to FAT32 with 4GB of size limit per file and at the same time you lose on-line gaming and new games....

JBroken2967d ago

What about the 39 million ps3's already out? How does this show anyone not to mess with Sony? All they are doing is removing more features and the pirates are going off scot free. Where's that fabled firmware?

MEsoJD2967d ago

are no better if you download music, movies, and other copy righted material. Remember that ^_^

dragon822966d ago

You are right. But there are people on this site who do actually purchase all of there music, movies, games and whatever else you can think of. Myself included. I just love how people justify their pirating with the old "everyone else is doing it" argument. Its almost as sad as the "they have enough money" argument.

lelo2play2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

It's funny reading some of these comments. A lot of rage against Jailbreak because of piracy, but they don't mind:
... using illegal OS, like Windows, cracked...
... downloading illegal music (MP3's) from the Internet ...
... downloading illegal Filmes (AVI's) from the Internet ...
... downloading illegal software from the Internet ...
... downloading illegal PC games, X360, Wii, DS and PSP (software) from the Internet ...
... downloading illegal Porn from the Internet ...

Well... I guess most users from N4G have original OS, download legal movies, music and software from the Internet. Every type of software they have in the PC is original and paid for.

dragon822966d ago

I love you you assume because some people do it that means everyone here does it.

I buy my games from PSN, XBLA, Virtual Console, itunes, Steam or on disc.
I buy my music on itunes.
I don't download movies.
I buy my software on disc.

r1sh122967d ago

i hope you all realise that sony have now removed another feature from the ps3..
No extended warranties!!!!
Thats not fair, what if my ps3 breaks in a couple of years!

DelbertGrady2967d ago

Sony are number 1 at removing features.

JayD-1K2967d ago

When did this happen? What game was it? Wow, stopreading for a few days and every thing goes goofy!

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Nitrowolf22967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I knew they would do something like this to combat it, now Sony will see a boost in hardware from all those hackers and they find out it doesn't work anymore.
Now what are they going to do about old models, who knows at least this will prevent future buyers from doing it

"Moreover, it is expected that the new 320GB PS3's will have firmware loaded onto the HDD and encrypted in a way that will not allow you to copy games to a new HDD as it will be locked to the retail HDD. "
So what exactly does this mean?
I mean i don't really see this doign anything considering people can upgrade there HDD (but debug mode is gone anyway) so this part confuses me a bit are they locking if from being upgraded?

jerethdagryphon2967d ago

if its true ill ask sony to change mine, as for hdd it sounds like you can still upgrade but you cant copy one to another or something

at any rate support sony in all legitiamte anti piracy methods

Makidian2967d ago

If this pans out I wonder if they will create a new HDD upgrade program, but 320gb is a lot of space. I have just about every PSN game and 15 or so PSOne games saved to my 80gb PS3 and still have 16gb of space available. It is a pain in the ass for anyone who would want to upgrade their HDD though, especially if they were looking to go to a TB HDD.

MGRogue20172967d ago

... Sony are up to something! :)

Lf_sIcKmAn2967d ago

But... THE PS3 HAS NOT BEEN HACKED... they merely use a tool to run in debug mode... and that is not hacking... no illegal code or alteration is being made to run backup bluray copies and such... so you get to backup copies of original games on the ps3... wow... big effing deal... I applaud sony for creating such a secure system... its really hard to make one these days...

JBroken2967d ago

Teh awesomest firmware? Lol I've heard that one before

pimpmaster2967d ago

oh snap. so this means all current ps3s will still remain jailbreakable for their lifespans. :D looks like i might be buying a ps3 after all.

commodore642967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

It sounds like you are right, pimpmaster.

It seems to be the exact same scenario as the 360 JTAG mod,
To do that mod you need a certain hardware revision, with a certain firmware, before a certain date.

The consoles that are in this category are HIGHLY prized by pirates.

My guess is, if current ps3 owners do NOT upgrade their firmware, then their ps3 will remain Jailbrakeable, just like the jtag 360s.

Those pirates that then mod their ps3s with JB, will need to update their firmwares with JB updates instead o official ps3 firmware.

It sounds complicated and seems a lot of bother yet that's exactly what pirates did with the Jtag 360 - quite successfully, I might add.
Not saying it's right or wrong.
Just saying.

WetN00dle692967d ago

Nah, Sony is cooking up a firmware update right about now.
Dont know who effective it will be since im pretty sure they will soon release an update bypass. IT will be an never ending battle. Just like with the PSP. Soon Sony will want to sell all their games by Digital Distribution.