Halo: Reach's Spartans who didn't make the cut

Joystiq: Bungie revealed an interesting tidbit about the creation of Noble, the protagonist Spartan squad engulfed in the conflict on the titular planet in Halo: Reach. There were initially more members of the team, though two were eventually cut in favor of the five in the final Noble team we know today (excluding Noble Six, the player character in Halo: Reach).

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CombatEvolving2966d ago

I think seven Spartans with well developed personalities could be a bit much for a ten hour campaign.

wray772966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I think seven Spartans well developed could be a bit much for a ten dollar game.

HarryMonogenis2966d ago

Was that a horrible attempt at Trolling or have I missed something?

wray772966d ago

Not trolling I only own a 360, just liked the serious tone of the previous commenter and wanted to be silly.

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