Final Fantasy XIV “Nothing But Copy-Paste”

"The latest controversy to erupt around Final Fantasy XIV consists of accusations that the game shamelessly copy-pastes the same towns and environmental elements over and over without the slightest variation, making one end of the world identical to another and subsequently devoid of character."

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Optical_Matrix2967d ago

SankakuComplex is the biggest shit stirrer blog on the internet. Dare I say, more so than Kotaku?

goldensfree2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

but more so than kotaku i disagree.

besides i need the sub to get contributor...

has for the actual article i'm guessing their telling the truth tho i dont know for sure having not played the beta anyone confirm/deny?

FarEastOrient2967d ago

Couldn't tell what the article is saying, to much distractions from all the porn. It is very hard to be serious with this sight even though they come up with some interesting things from the east.

Biggest2966d ago

WOW! They really, REALLY hate FFXIV. Every article on there is about hating the game, the people that made the game, and then the game some more. They even have an article that combines all of their lies about the game, while insisting that they're telling the truth. I'm in the open beta right now. I have 4 War & Magic classes at 5+ and haven't noticed a change for the worst in any of the exp. The one instance where I notice zero exp happen is when your party leader is too far from you/the group. It'll give a message saying "You can not engage the <whatever>" as you fight it and it fights you. I'm hoping that gets changed with the quickness. Otherwise, this site can suck a rancid nipple penis. I'm sure they support it anyway.

Reibooi2966d ago

Having played the beta I can tell you this total BS.

The areas are far from copy and paste. Some of the areas have similar looks like they both have mountain like areas with grass but that's about it. I have not seen anything that would make me go "Oh look they just copied that texture and pasted it over there" There is nothing like that there. And the zones themselves are very different as well.

It's obvious that whoever is in charge at Sankaku Complex hates the game and is doing everything in their power to bash it all to hell without a shred of proof or backing up any of the claims. They just need a Flaimbait Headline a few Screens from the same area and say oh look that's two different zones and they look the same Copy and paste!!!

N4G should make a new rule to not allow news from this site. Nothing we have seen from it can actually be called news worthy and that's not to mention that the site is covered in porn.

beardpapa2967d ago

SanCon is nothing but Copy & Paste.

SilentNegotiator2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

SankakuComplex, stick to drawing naked underage cartoon girls and leave video game journalism to others.

BTW, the title could use a "[NSFW]" at the end of it.

Syronicus2966d ago

It's the red district of trashy web sites. Sorry, but I find it hard to accept any news as viable media from a site that explores the world of hentia.

mittwaffen2966d ago

Its really bad imo; this feels like and outdated rpg let alone an MMO.

All the game has is narrow pathways that open into small open areas. This barely feels like an mmo to me. It will live with the hard core ffx fans since they love anything.

But this isnt an MMO worth playing if your use to a quality polished game like wow.

-Combat is actually the worse i've ever seen in an MMO--Think slow as molasses and delayed. It feels like the character controls you not you controlling the character.

-Game looks like shit, sorry but world of warcraft has better detail than this. But the characters look amazing. Its like this super low poly (flat/alot of edges) with the odd shrub tossed in. Absolutely terrible for 2010. This was run on high settings 1920x1080. I cant believe how limited the graphics look. Warhammer, Conan, Vanguard, Wow all feel drastically 'fuller' and dont feel rushed like this game. This game screams limited budget/time frame or Terrible developers.

-Overall for it coming out within a month this game is going to fail, and fail badly. This is worse than FF11 by far, and that game wasnt very amazing to begin with.

Sad day when new MMO's coming out feel like a step back from games almost 7 years old.

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DA_SHREDDER2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Also, Kosuckballs doesn't have nothing on Eurolamer. Seroiusly though. BTW, Miyamoto>Kaz

On topic, copy and paste pc mmos' on consoles? I'm sold. What is wrong with finally getting something as sweet as this?

Urmomlol2967d ago

Why the fuck is there naked anime chicks on this web site?

What the fuck?

adlt2967d ago

I was expecting a gaming website...then I was like "Da hell?". I mean it could be a gaming website? must be a new kind I don't know about :?

Squall_Leonhart2967d ago

... Ladies versus Butlers! Climaxes hard... WTF does this all mean? This site scares meeeeee D=.

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