World of Warcraft Is Not a Drug

DS writes, "World of Warcraft is not addictive. Those who say otherwise have either not tried the game, or have themselves gotten addicted due to a personality that is predisposed to addiction. Had it never been created, these players would have no doubt gotten hooked on a different game instead. I personally have played World of Warcraft on and off for about four years now, and I still find time for college, a part-time job, real-life friends, and other games – I simply take a break from the game when real life gives me too many responsibilities. Yet people like me, who lead perfectly successful lives while playing the most popular MMO released to date, are ignored by those who wish to criminalize WoW and perpetuate the negative stigma behind it. Despite what some people might say, the game has no special property that makes it more addictive than any other game..."

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dkblackhawk502963d ago

It is not a is just a game that people can get addicted to, moving on...