Microsoft Has Big Hopes for Halo: Reach

It's been a while since customers lined up outside stores at midnight to buy a Microsoft product. That may change on Sept. 14, when Microsoft releases Halo: Reach, the fourth installment of its blockbuster Xbox video game series.

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Cevapi882966d ago

4 games?...did they forget ODST and Halo Wars? dont quote Pachter...whenever i see him in articles no matter what game, the article is begging for attention....the game will do great no doubt about has the backing of previous multi-million dollar sellers, plus the advertising capital that MS will pump into it post release will only make it more marketable, especially when the holiday season rolls around, Black Friday will be a mad rush for games, and i see Halo being one of those that will be at the top

lociefer2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Of course, its one their Biggest *Left* exclusives, that and geow

goldensfree2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I mean what else do we have on the 360 if you dont like gears... feel bad for all the people getting fleeced 10 bucks a month ta play it... still no wonder Activision is frothing at the mouth for pay to play fps's its making ms billions.

Hallmark Moment2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

You guys say that every year, it's never the case in the end and is some how conveniently not discuss by haters and media at the end of the year when the same myth is born early the following year; every year. Meaning we see the same PS3 fanboy lists and number comparisons at the start of the year but every year the 360 has the same if not more exclusives by the end of the year and then the same BS starts all over again.

I think I heard a PS3 fanboy in here say PS3 has 25 exclusives and the 360 only has 4. That's a new record beating the BS claims of 2009 saying PS3 would stomp the 360 in 2010. Sony and MSFT have different marketing styles.

Not hard to win the "LIST BATTLE" when one company announces and hypes games more than half a decade from release. LMAO

mrcash2966d ago

10$ a month what are you smoking? its 5$ a month or it will be in november.

Pistolero2966d ago

ps3 fanboys are delusional...every year they act like the ps3 has a way better lineup than the 360 but every year there are just as many great games on the 360 to play.
i would take the 360's lineup this year over the ps3's lineup any day....Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Limbo, Crackdown 2, Fable 3 and Halo Reach....that is a great lineup and I am more than satisfied with it....Crackdown 2 ended up not being as great as the first one, but all the rest of those games are great.

mrcash2966d ago

those 25 exclusives will be spread out through 5 years sony always delays them,

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Dance2966d ago

odst and halo wars would bee seen as spin offs

TheIneffableBob2966d ago

ODST is an expansion (though full priced) and Halo Wars doesn't belong to the main Halo series because it's an RTS.

Dark_Energy2966d ago

No fanboy comment from me but I wish them the best of luck.

Eric Cartman2966d ago

Michael Pachter predicts Reach will sell well! That guy is a genius!

Seriously, I want Pachter's job, being an idiot and getting paid for it sounds like a fun job. It's way more fun than pretending to be a retard to win the Special Olympics. :(

lociefer2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

lol nice1, +bubbles for a sp reference , oh and for speaking the truth about pachter

DirtyLary2966d ago

I guess the proper response to this title is "No sht"

Godmars2902966d ago

Would be better to say expectations. As in they expect it to sell as well if not better than prior games.

May as well be Madden at this point.

DasTier2966d ago

nah, i dont think it fair to be likend to madden, but i do love madden 10.

Godmars2902966d ago

Halo is the FPS to MS to what Mario is the platformer to Nintendo or GT the race sim to Sony.

But Halo still lent towards Madden thanks to ODST.

DasTier2965d ago

But maddens annual and has been for over 20 years now, 6 halo games have be made in what 10 years? and one was really an expansion pack. But ODST isnt a terrible game.

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