Duke Nukem Forever Demo Was Seamless At PAX

Disbelief. That’s the state I was originally in when I first heard that 2K Games has picked up and nearly completed Duke Nukem Forever. It’s been 12 years since the game originally began development and after 3D Realms closed its doors. It was almost universally agreed that Duke Nukem Forever was done for. A higher up in 2K Games began his career with Duke Nukem Forever back in the day and through 2K Game’s recent success, he was able to save a project he’s been working on since the beginning of his career. 2K Games kept the project in secret (now in its post production polish phase) and I dare say it was worth the 12 year wait.

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Reibooi2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I really am wondering if the game will hold up today.

They said one of the reasons the game never got finished at 3D realms was because they would see something else cool that another game did and try to add something like that into the game and in that process just could not keep up. They wanted to make the best game of all time and in that process just got caught up with the whole image of perfection.

My question is when they stopped working on the game when was the last time they did that? Will the game keep up and measure up to the shooters of today? Sure it's got that quirky Duke humor but we have something similar and new coming in Bulletstorm that kinda fills that void.

Graphically the game is solid. It's not the best looking game ever but it's also far from the worst so I don't think that area will be a issue. It's really just from a game play perspective if the game will be able to measure up to what we have seen and will be seeing in the next few months and years.

Mista T2969d ago

seems funner than a lot of games these days

jaosobno2969d ago

Hail to the King baby! :)))))))))

Tsar4ever012969d ago

The only reason the game looked SEAMLESS cuz it was running of a PC processor and being played off the X360's gamepad. This really does'nt mean that the console versions will look and run any bit as SEEMLESS as is described in this article. I'm not worried about the x360 port cus of the obvious compatability code but the ps3 is a REAL consern, Do these guy have ANY ISSUES of porting PC/X360 code to the PS3? THAT IS THE QUESTION HERE!!!!

Raider692969d ago

Dont worry!Borderlands runs fine on the PS3!Im sure Gearbox will make a nice port of the Duke too!

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