PS3 vs. Xbox 360 - August 2010 Sales Ranks

"The chart below shows the sales ranks for the PS3 120GB AND 160GB consoles priced at $299.99, as well as showing the sale ranks for the Xbox 360 250GB console priced at $299.99.", says CoffeewithGames.

CwG also says, "from August 2 through August 16, the sales ranks for the PS3 are for the 120GB console model; from August 20 through August 31 on the chart, the sales ranks for the PS3 are for the 160GB model."

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CoffeewithChess3019d ago

"Though this data doesn't show all console versions sold; based off these sales ranks, do you think that the PS3 will take first place overall in the NPD's August 2010 data?"

Joule3019d ago

I wanna see game news on this site, not sale news.

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Bigpappy3018d ago

Who can you calculate Amazon sale numbers and no incluse the Reach bundle and the 4G arcade for the 360, and the 250 Gig for the PS3. Go back and run those numbers and stop with the fuggy math.

commodore643018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

@ jerry


Yes that is true.
However, that means on average the ps3 has gained 1.5 million consoles per year on the initial 360 lead.
Consider also, that since the recent 360s, the 360 has been selling better than it has for the last three years.
Since the 360s we have seen the 360 widen its lead again over the ps3 worldwide - that much is clear.

Is it realistic to project past sales data of the ps3 into the future?
After all, the ps3 cannot drop its price again for the foreseeable future, nor can it take advantage of the 'slim effect' either. I would suggest it is overly optimistic to assume the ps3 will continue to gain at the rates it has, in light of recent sales evidence, which shows otherwise.

HOWEVER, just for the sake of argument, let's assume the ps3 continues to gain 1.5 mill consoles on the 360 per year:

At that rate it will take another 2+ years for the ps3 to catch the 360.
That's August 2012.... Is that too late?

By August 2012, the 360 will have been out for seven years and the ps3 for six years.
Sure, the ps3 and 360 will still be putting out very playable games and the both consoles will continue to release games that stretch their capabilities, until that time.
But really, who will care?
By august 2012, both consoles will be undeniably old tech.
We will all be jumping for joy at the next gen announcements by then.

Cueil3018d ago

How about not spewing lies jerry1972 gain a grasp on numbers or at least pay attention to current trends and sales data

n4gno3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )


PS3 is every new single minute dominating again, the reasons are obvious : better value, bluray, better softwares, better hardware, move, 3D,free online play...only misinformed people and xbox owners (with rrod, or hacked firmware) want sometime a xbox now.

the previous good months (most of the sells = US) for xbox360 (where most of the time old xbox owner was buying new one, or new owners chip old xbox) was the last one.

and for blind xbox's fans : don't forget that npd is just US !!!! worldwide is another game (because meidas are less biased, and people are buying most of the time the best hardware/games)

"Tell me Kart, I own a Ps3 and so far I only bought 2 ps3 games in God of War 3 and Heavy Rain. Tell me where all the awesome ps3 games that you think the ps3 has this year?"

another stupid statement form blind fanboy who think his experience can change the facts : just look at gameranking, since more than 2 years, and for the years to come, ps3 has many more great exclusives; the best this generations (with best graphics), you can play it, or not, but it can't change the fact that they exist !

by the way, how many multi accounts use desperated xbox's fanboyz here ? i'ts really pathetic.

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Seece3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Well, to answer your obvious question, no the PS3 won't beat the 360 in NPD for August ... or any other month for the foreseeable future.

Even without the Slim 360, the 360 has beaten the PS3 in NPD every month so far this year, and 21 months over the last 24.

I expect

X360 - 400k
PS3 - 200k

both slightly down over last month ..

VGChartS3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

since the slim released, the sales spike hasn't gone down
i doubt it will drop to 3rd place with about 6 million sales margin between the ps3 and the 360

the is 360 still ahead of the competition

Trey_4_life3018d ago

What is with all these articles only stating US sales like they are the only numbers that matter, ever heard of europe? you know the richest continent on this planet? The continent where PS3 dominates console sales over it's competitors? No? time for you to get a map out me thinks!

Bzone243018d ago

Sales ranks without numbers for consoles with multiple SKUs mean nothing.

CoffeewithChess3018d ago

necessarily like the NPD data, or VGChartz, but I said,
"I am hoping this data will start giving us an idea of which console versions/bundles are selling well, so when we look at the NPD data, the general "PS3", "Xbox 360", and "Wii" listings may make a little more sense."

NPD bundles all console versions together, so it's difficult to see know what console versions consumers are buying.

Cueil3018d ago

It doesn't even give the slightest clue on the way things are working... the 360 dominates the US to the tune of 9 million plus lead with the likely hood of hitting 10 around the sale of Reach which will also push the 360 software sales over the PS3 by a large margin. The battle to watch is Europe because that's where Sony and Microsoft are doing the heavy hitting. To get a general idea of what sells more goto a large Walmart and look at the unit space they give each version it wont give you a figure or anything but you'll give an idea of how the consumer is purchasing since they'll alter it based on sales trends in the area on the fly.

labwarrior3019d ago

So, sales would be 2-3 times better than those shown in the chart

There is the 300$ model, the 200$ arcade, the FF13 bundle and Halo Reach bundle etc

360 sales will be double or triple the PS3 sales for august

Karooo3018d ago

cuz 360 has no games worth playing after gears.

GaMe013018d ago

cod, gears, halo ,forza ,fiffa , alan wake, red dead , batman arkum asylum , assasins creed 1,2, and 3 . many more to name

Tito083018d ago

Out of those 11 games you mentioned, 7 are multiplats, best to mention the console only games than multiplats!!!!

N4PS3Fanboys3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I honestly didn't know that no multiplatform games were worth playing. They make up 90% of any console's library, so that's quite a shame.

But wow, the PS3 fanboyism on this website is astounding! Someone says the 360 has no games worth playing other than Gears of War, and they get 13 Agrees and 1 Disagree. Then the next person lists games other than Gears worth playing on the 360 and they get 0 Agrees and 7 Disagrees.

I swear, if a person's only knowledge of the video game industry was from the comments section on N4G, they'd think Microsoft must be the most despicable company in the world, hated by everyone far and wide. They'd think the Xbox 360 came broken right out of the box and had a total of 8 games published in its 5 year existence. They'd think the PS3 was not in dead last place by 5.4 million units, but was in fact miles ahead in first place selling by the boatloads and curing cancer and every other disease in the world.

It sure would suck if the majority of comments here on N4G actually reflected reality in the slightest bit. Fortunately they don't.

Skadoosh3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Yeah the sony fanboys on here are a rabid species. Tell me Kart, I own a Ps3 and so far I only bought 2 ps3 games in God of War 3 and Heavy Rain. Tell me where all the awesome ps3 games that you think the ps3 has this year?

I just notice he has 15 agrees compared to only 4 disagrees. That pretty much proves that sony fanboys on this site are the most insecure.

Hairy Chewie3018d ago

Me and my mate used to hit up this place once a month with about 30 Xbox's all linked up, havn't been in over a year because there's been nothing we want to play. The only exclusives we played were Gears of War and Shadow Run and we got over those. Neither of us are into Halo so that pretty much leaves us with nothing to play.

Cueil3018d ago

Microsoft only announces one or two games they are releasing outside of 12 months from each major convention. There is the Kindoms game that we know of, but you'll learn more at TGS10

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Holeran3018d ago

wow they are whoring out the arcade, no wonder sales are still high for 360. All the people that bought them when they first came out need to buy thieir 4th one right about now also.

All_4_One3018d ago

Multi-platform games are great, and a lot of them are exceptional too, but when you compare a console`s lineup, you look at the exclusives, common sense.

Yeah, there are quite a few PS3 fanboys here, I prefer the PS3 myself as well. But have you even stopped to ask yourself why you think that is? Maybe it`s because the PS3 simply owns, and for a lot of people, has the BEST games. Food for thought there pal. Also, if you want to complain about the disagrees, then why don`t you tell us all what games we have to look forward to after Gears 3? Unless of course, there are none, and the disagrees are justified?

5.4? Yeah, I`d rather not take your biased estimates you`ve compiled from unreliable sources. Not that sales even matter anyway, because if they did, we would all be playing the Wii religiously. And yes, with [email protected], the PS3 actually does cure diseases, self ownage right there :D

Of course these comments don`t reflect reality. But I`m just curious, what is reality to you? Bragging and boasting about a small second place lead? Because in the real, no one cares about that, really.

Cueil3018d ago

there are the ones that are so much better they may as well be considered exclusives
FF13 for PS3
Bayonetta for Xbox 360

shadyiswin3018d ago

Microsoft isn't stupid they have never announced anything way ahead of time.There's usually a 6 month window with them.Do you really think there will be no more must haves after Gears 3, which I'm not that excited about I loved part 1, part 2 is just much more of the same maybe even too much.Anyways microsoft had way too much money to sit back and not deliver blockbusters.Whether its exclusive for a months or extra dlc I'm sure there cooking up something, after Gears 3, I'll be playing marvel vs capcom 3, that will hold me over till e3 and microsoft will have games we all want this holiday and maybe 2 for the summer.Developers also aren't stupid Kinect will be a hit and they will turn out bloatware for it and one or two of those games will be system sellers.The xbox is dirt cheap every one I know has 2 that work just because they don't wanna move it from room to room or the new black xbox matches the living room scheme so me and a few got the new one, its $199 come on!, but yeah microsoft isn't done by far I'd say kingdoms will be the next hyped game hopefully a late summer release with that star wars kinect game being the big holiday push, mass effect 3 will prob be exclusive for a few months as well, but let's be honest we will all be playing reach for at least 2 years from now any ways.Last point, the xbox is selling amazingly well, can't denie it and I don't see sales stabilizing till february then gears 3 will move some more.The ps3 won't catch up, sorry fan boys, be happy its even doing well be honest 70% of people got it cause it was the cheapest blu ray player available for 18 months cause therewere no games on it till madden lol, which runs better on the 360 year after year, EA a is lazy all there multi platform games are ports off the 360. Between every multi platform game playing better on the 360, though in a solid online experience and achievements yes that is a factor why to me and the 360 is clearly the multi platform platform system of choice, technically they don't need exclusives at this point, what exclusives does sony have anyways? Socom, kill zone 3, resistance 3, no offense these combined won't sell as well as halo reach. GT5 believe it when I see it and still imma go with Forza 3 because of the deep online integration and kinect support, then there's little big plant game, every claims this is a system seller, all but one of friends didn't return this game, it's misleading it's not so much a game as it is group of levels with no story idk wtf of rather use my time creating levels in halo, Fable 3 will out sell lbp2.The playing field is much more even than you think sony fans exclusive software wise, hardware sales wise its not even at all :( (excuse typos I'm using swype on my touch screen phone) I welcome disagrees.

PS3owns360_3018d ago

What about wii! *goes cries in corner*

CoffeewithChess3018d ago

have the stats for the Wii, but being that it's at the $199.99 price point, and to not overcrowd the chart with lines, I'm posting it separately.

whitesoxfalife3018d ago

nice site name btw cuz i do drink FOLGERS while gaming i normally wait til npd numbers comes across

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MGRogue20173018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I bought my PS3 Slim 250GB for £220.00/$339.790 a few months ago

Same price as the 120GB model.. Bargain :D

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