IGN: Infamous 2: Cole's New Power

Ever since Infamous 2 made its grand debut at E3, Sucker Punch has been talking up the destructibility of New Marais, the New Orleans-inspired city Cole will be calling home this time around. At PAX, a few of the folks behind Sucker Punch talked shop on how the franchise got to where it is – they showed plenty of super-early footage with a dreadlock Cole, Cole kissing random women on the street, and more – and they even showed some new footage.

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MGRogue20173058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

PS3's CELL processor FTW! inFamous 2 will push it harder than ever before! :D

Gue13058d ago

InFamous 2, not even out yet but already a GOTY 2011 contender!

3058d ago
Cock4Gamers3057d ago

guys c'mon the PS3 kicks ass and all but really now, "the processing power along more than doubles the xbox". That comment is laughable and has been refuted many times over(the argument stems from a marketing comment that SONY made in 2005 shortly before the xbox 360 was released). Also, ign is NOT a reputable source for hardware information and the PS3 doesn't have more RAM than the xbox 360. They both have 512 mb except the 512 mb on the PS3 is permanently split into 256 of general access memory and 256 of VRAM. If you really want to know about the REAL[not theoretical]processing power of the PS3, there are a vast number of white papers and reputable sources online which have the correct information.

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HolaTarola3057d ago


"OMGZZ The CELLZ Processor!!
Look at in action!!!! LOL.

load of hype and rubbish to be honest.." -enkeiexpress on a FarCry 2 X360 VS. PS3 comparison..

"It's such a shame that we can't see this engine being used on a Xbox 360..

The games could look even better." -enkeiexpress, on a Killzone 2 news..

"well well well..
Look at what we have here boys.. Hopefully, The PS3 fanboys out there actually read this article for once & shut up for good.

I think we've got the point that Xbox 360 is far superior to PS3 in the graphics department." -enkeiexpress

"Don't look surprised..
Of course it looks better, Just look at Forza 3.. GT5 can't touch that!

Forza 3 has tyre deformation, GT5 has that?" -enkeiexpress, on a Forza III news..

So.. What happened enkeiexpress? You've finally got a PS3? lol

Really, how many Xbox fanboys I see everyday eating they words.. Is pathetic

adlt3058d ago

:O! That sounds...ahhhsummmm

TenSteps3058d ago

I wonder how Sucker Punch will implement the ice powers though. And I hope I can keep my black lightning I liked the look of it so much.

clearelite3058d ago

That video was $#@#ing awesome and that atmospheric music kind of reminded me of a old school hardcore game on NES or something. Can't quite put my finger on it, but very awesome. Great graphics and gameplay as well, very psyched for this one.

TheLastGuardian3058d ago

Why do you have a haze avatar?

TenSteps3058d ago

You have to understand that some people liked Haze, some people who didn't like Haze may have liked the design of the characters or simply the boxart.

Holeran3058d ago

Lets wait and see. Don't hype this game to unattainable heights just yet. Sucker punch better work their asses off to make sure that the gameplay and visuals are both better than good, then we can say Infamous 2 is a 2011 game of the year contender. Until then......

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