The Biggest Jerks in Gaming

Video games have given us some of the most memorable and influential characters in entertainment. Unfortunately, not all of gaming’s most memorable characters are memorable for good reasons. Some of them are remembered for being some of the biggest assholes in all of entertainment.

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giantchicken3019d ago

Slippy can die in a fire.

MrAwesome3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Bobbby Kotick, he is the biggest jerk in gaming.

JBroken3018d ago

Think his company now make lollipop-like wiimitations.
What is his name again? Jack,assuming my memory serves me well

Mastersnake103019d ago

Otis was just poorly designed. He wouldn't have been so annoying if you didn't have to drop everything you were doing when he called.

halo4fan3019d ago

Exactly. Why can't I use weapons while on my phone? Is there no bluetooth in this mall?

FACTUAL evidence3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Well if it was a ps3 exclusive they would have used blu-tooth, but it was exclusive to xbox so you gotta stick to old JK
Ontopic- Joe the show from NBA street was an asshole.....I wanted to put a shotty to his DOME! ^_^

JBroken3018d ago

Or an N900 or a psp or DS3 or...oh wait, I'm getting off topic.
OT: Otis was really a bother.

Xanatos20003019d ago

I kinda wish there was really a now...

boogeyman9993019d ago

AMEN to Dracula.

Immortality = cheating

coolstuff3019d ago

Did anyone else come into this topic thinking Bobby Kotick?

mushroomwig3019d ago

Actually, when I saw the title I immediately thought of this person;

JohnApocalypse3018d ago

I think they really meant biggest jerks in videogames

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The story is too old to be commented.