PAX 2010: Telltale Games Back To The Future Interview

Earlier today HBG had the pleasure of speaking with Dennis from Telltale Games. He is the producer on the first episode of the Back To The Future game.

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Tovan3834d ago

That steam engine better not show up. I will find you Telltale!

xDSJxPyro3834d ago

As long as they can get the voice actors, this will be a great game. Which they hinted at, that they probably will, but had to get Doc Brown out of the way since he is a big voice it seems like in the game.

JohnApocalypse3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Well you in luck, the Christopher Loid is playing Doc in this game

MPR113834d ago

really cool inteview, so far the game sounds intresting. hope to see some gameplay soon

Stretchnutz3834d ago

Awesome Interview! Doc and Marty will look awesome in this art style!

MoeThirteen3834d ago

Crispin Glover, thats all I'm going to say.

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