New inFamous 2 Boss Battle gamplay from PAX

The guys and gals over at Sucker Punch have released a sick new trailer today for PAX of the upcoming InFamous 2. This gameplay trailer shows a new force like move were Cole pick up vehicle and throws it into the air, some sword action, building destruction, and last a crazy awesome bug boss fight. Check it out!

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mcroddi2992d ago

inFamous 2 looks amazingly bad ass already. Can't wait to grab this one.

SIX2992d ago

Sony exclusives always have this look of quality to them. Eveything just looks so solid almost sculpture like.

Joule2992d ago

This is like inFAMOUS on steroids

talltony2992d ago

The quality difference between infamous 1 to 2 is HUGE! Dare I say best looking open world game ever!

TheLastGuardian2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

GTA IV looks best and you know it.

kingjoker342992d ago

Guardian I hope ur joking

nickjkl2992d ago

but what about the ice did

karl2992d ago

maybe mafia2 .. and maybe im saying.. but GTA?

that game look like pure crap

ExplosionSauce2992d ago

What about Red Dead?
I think InFamous 2 still looks better :P

inveni02992d ago

If anyone doubts that inFamous is the best looking open world game, you need to fire it up again, climb to the tallest building, look out over the city--and jump. It's amazing. And inFamous 2 looks at least 20x better. It will be a long time before anything else touches it...just like Uncharted 2 with 3rd person games and Killzone 3 with shooters. Shoot, there's still not a shooter that touches KZ2.

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nickjkl2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

infamous 2 shows us that uncharted 3 is going to be amazing

also i expect to be able to fly or dam near flying by the end of this game

MGRogue20172992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

The PS3's CELL processor is being pushed harder than ever before!

Like, if you notice the Depth of Field & Motion Blur, That's all being done by the SPEs in real-time.. I don't know if they are being used more than in Uncharted 2.. But you never know. :D

jobboy2992d ago

sorry but...what about the terrible framerate??

raztad2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )



I'm still noticing jaggies. Hopefully SP will get MLAA up and running soon. Other that, and the unstable framerate, game is looking absolutely gorgeous.

outrageous2992d ago

Agree withjob...If your gonna mention technical terms don't forget the 10-15 fps While the game is in development, there sure was alot of technical issues with this trailer. Relying on the GPU for basic game play will cause all the choppy slowdown you see in this vid especially the transitions from live to canned scenes. I doubt the final code will be much different. At least they are trying. Good thing ND is showing them how to make Infamous look just like UC 2 graphics wise.

I have a question, can Cole walk. He seems to be running everywhere. It's like every trailer is some sort of race towards an explosion. They seem to be borrowing alot of Star Wars force unleashed Jedi tricks for this franchise...maybe were not suppose to know and pretend it's original.

raztad2992d ago


"there sure was alot of technical issues with this trailer."

While everybody else is enjoying this brilliant footage you are "seeing" technical issues. OK.

"While the game is in development,"

Yeah it is, and that render all your complaints about technical issues worthless.

"I doubt the final code will be much different. At least they are trying."

"I have a question, can Cole walk"

Oh so you havent played inFAMOUS, right? lacking a PS3, perhaps?

"They seem to be borrowing alot of Star Wars force unleashed Jedi tricks for this franchise...maybe were not suppose to know and pretend it's original."

x-fan spotted.

jxzcvk2992d ago

@jobbboy what about youtube video?

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Solid_Snakeps32992d ago

i hope they release a demo like they did in Infamous 1

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mcroddi2992d ago

I loved Infamous 1 but this is blowing me away. cool boss battle!

Speed-Racer2992d ago

Definitely something to look forward to

despair2992d ago

damn...that was enjoyable.

Sevir042992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

It was wasn't it? I2 looks amazing!!

alster232992d ago

is this really a boss battle?? cuz i see this fight something similar to the conduits u randomly enconter in empire city like the dust men titan or the first sons giant ones.

zeddy2992d ago

ye maybe its a mini boss or something who knows, all i know is it looks like fun and the graphics are a real step above from before.

Strange_Evil2992d ago

It's kind a like a mini boss.. It's just the way Sucker Punch is making it now... With cinematic set pieces like UC2 which I really like...

Love the graphics, this already is shaping up to be a great looking game. They have really upped the texture quality and added Anti-Aliasing which makes the game look a lot better than 1.

despair2992d ago

I'm thinking mini boss battle, it was probably similar to the conduits like you said, real boss battles would be special like the original.

Sevir042992d ago

At Games Con they had an interview with Brian F. the lead producer on the game, was showing this in a closed door session and he said that This Conduit is the Ravager, and He has 2 forms, those enemies you see in the other trailer that look like necromorphs attacking people showing off I2's new melee system are lesser conduits of this part of New Marius. They are call the corrupted. the Ravager is there Super conduit leader. he said that this battle takes place in 2 times and the second time you square off he transforms and accends into that huge gaseous creature that attacked N.Marius at the End of infamous 2's first trailer reveal. that every on e said looked like Godzilla. in any case.

I2 is shaping up to be Next years Uncharted 2 and should do for Super hero Sand box genre what U2 did for the 3rd person adventure shooter genre! it looks amazing and i cant wait.

Focker-4202992d ago

Thanks for not warning me of a spoiler

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