A Look at Duke Nukem Forever

Treezy of Ironstar writes ; "Hey guys I am just getting out of the Duke Nukem booth and I am here to give you guys my impressions on Duke Nukem Forever. First off we were treated to some fresh footage of Duke Nukem kicking some serious alien ass! After the trailer ended we were directed into a room where we were treated to a demo of Duke Nukem Forever. I hope you guys enjoy the details and pictures of the gameplay."

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MGRogue20172964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

...The amount of Duke Nukem articles on N4G lately.. Jesus.. I like 'em though! :P

Anywho.. Take a look/listen at this:

Enjoy, Duke Nukem at his best! :D

Red_Orange_Juice2964d ago

Come on, we've had a dozen of those looks already

NoPoint2964d ago

This is like the 20th fucking Duke Nukem article on N4G today!

Bloodlyte2964d ago

wow awesome!! more footage!!

P.S. : C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!

Cerberus292964d ago

Enough with the Duke Nukem articles already! You would think it was the Second Coming with all this coverage.

Fireseed2963d ago

Yeah let's get back to all the repetitive Xbox bashing articles

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