Call of Duty: Black Ops on Wii will support new headset, VOIP chat & patches

Good news for Call of Duty fans who plan on getting Call of Duty: Black Ops for Wii, as Treyarch has stated that the Wii version will support a new headset, VOIP chat & patches. Treyarch claims they will not 'dumb down' the Wii version, and so far are living up to that statement.

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Rrobba3018d ago

Good to see that Treyarch isn't cutting out parts of the Wii version, they are really supporting it. Bravo! Can't wait for this game!

MrAwesome3018d ago

Sadly it'll be the inferior version anyways...

craddock3018d ago

wii is inferior to ps3 and 360...

lolzers3018d ago

All 3 consoles are inferior to my pc, but I still enjoy playing on them though.

SpoonyRedMage3018d ago

Wonder if this is because they heard Conduit 2 was doing these things(voice chat + patching)?

Crazybone1263018d ago

No, it is not.
Treyarch has been negotiating with Nintendo since after the release of Modern Warfare: Reflex for a headset voice chatting system, allowing large downloadable content, and patching. Actually, Treyarch are the ones who got Nintendo to allow a headset, not High Voltage Software. Treyarch are also the ones who pushed downloadable content and patching down Nintendo's throats, not High Voltage. Now with Conduit 2 delayed, Black Ops will be the first Wii game with headset voice chat support, patching, and downloadable content. I'm not trying to discredit High Voltage, but really, Treyarch has done most of the hard work when it comes to online for the Wii nowadays, due to negotiating for an entire year with Nintendo. The PDP headset is actually a second party headset, meaning Nintendo actually did some work with it. Mad Catz are also developing a Wii headset strictly for Black Ops, just as they are with the other consoles. Turtle Beach may also be hopping on this Wii headset wagon, but that's not yet confirmed and mostly speculation.

SpoonyRedMage3018d ago

You from Treyarch? Haha

I didn't know all that about the headsets although HVS did at least have voice chat in TCon, then again I'd heard that Treyarch patched Modern Warfare Reflex.... so I guess competition is good either way.:P

Rrobba3018d ago

Yea, I think they saw Conduit 2 as a threat since they were originally going to be released in the same week for Wii. However, now Conduit 2 has been delayed to 2011, so they don't disturb each-other.

Gr813018d ago

Have to admit, I'm not a huge CoD guy. And after reflex and [email protected] on Wii, I was kinda CoD'd out. But this might get picked up later, after GE of course. That is the FPS I'm most excited about. But its also from Activision, so their getting my dough either way lol.

tunaks13018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

good to see continued support from treyarch

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