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There’s really no denying the staying power of Activision’s Call of Duty franchise. Year in and year out, the series continues to be one of the best-selling franchises on any platform, one of the biggest draws for online players, and a fine example of a hardcore gaming series that has successfully been transferred into the pop culture zeitgeist. Additionally, considering the semi-recent, much publicized kerfuffle surrounding Activision and Infinity Ward, all eyes are upon the “other” Call of Duty developer, Treyarch, to really bring their A-game this year with their upcoming entry to the beloved series, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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athmaus2966d ago

game really doesnt interest me....

athmaus2966d ago

game really doesn't interest me....

TomFG2966d ago

Not the biggest COD fan. This one does catch my eye, though. Good Preview.